Zoom meeting: MetaTrader 4 EA and crypto signals

As I roll out the live signals over the next few weeks, I am hoping to do talk about this. I will also have the source available on Guthub. You will be ask all your questions about this software with the new service of Quant Analytics. See all the links listed below to see the […]

Python source code walkthrough of received crypto forex signals with Metatrader 4 EA setup

Here is the next iteration of this Python script which handles both forex and crypto signaling. I have also put all functions into a separate class so it can handle multithreading better. I have also improved the dispatching of email which should reach your Outlook inbox within 30 seconds. It used to take 2 minutes […]

Latest status of the Cryptocurrency Forex signals with Metatrader 4 expert advisor

I describe a new change to the previous Python scripts I hinted with the crypto. I have combined this now with forex signals from Oanda. This also sets up the new customer Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor I will be releasing via my Quant Analytics service This code will be posted on my Github repository as […]

New modern Algo trading ‘black box’ machine for cryptocurrency forex

I got the new signals working for both forex and cryptocurrency. I talk about the minimial programming also supporting popular Metatrader 4 with a custom Expert Advisor. I would recommend sticking with the same exchange of crypto for Kraken and Oanda for forex. That is where ths signals come from in your MS Outlook with […]

Update of intense testing of crypto and forex signal emails

The signal testing continues. If you are a customer, please ignore signal emails since they not valid! It seems that the testing is quite intense again until everything is proven to working. One new major fix is that emails will be dispatched within 15 seconds. I will update everything via video with the forex signaling […]

Crypto signal Python script walkthrough with Outlook and addin

This is one of those monumental shift points where I introduce this complete Python script to handle your email signals sent from the Quant Analytics service. Also, this particular script is used for crypto currency only using the Kraken crypto currency exchange. Note that there will be a separate forex Python script and custom Metatrader […]