Unknown crypto coins continue to power up return in few days

It appears that unknown crypto coin/tokens continue to power with an incredible set of returns. Some are even doubling in short order. Why would you continue to miss out on these compared to your pittance returns? Free books https://quantlabs.net/ or learn algo trading https://quantlabs.net/dvd Worried about your future with retirement, get this latest USB product […]

One word for these cryptocurrency Opportunities: WOW

There are a couple of coins that have done very very well in the last few days. You most likely did not know about them but let these opportunities charts do the talking.  Free books https://quantlabs.net/  or learn algo trading https://quantlabs.net/dvd NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. […]

How did our 5 trending crypto currency coins do ?

Here are the latest picks on these crypto currency coins but how did they do over the last 2 days. Call me impressed and here is why.  Free books https://quantlabs.net/  or learn algo trading https://quantlabs.net/dvd If interested, join this Quant Analytics service before prices go up  These picks were based on NOTE I now post […]

Trend is your friend video in cryptocurrency

Trend is your friend as you can see in this chart in my video below. Just wait it out for entry based on breaking through a trend-line. The picks came out with KAVA, OGN, LINK, ONt, and BAT. Here are the optimal weighting for returns: OGNUSDT 0.046086 KAVAUSDT 0.021330 LINKUSDT 0.570212 ONTUSDT 0.116342 BATUSDT 0.246030 […]