Why trading USA stock market over cryptocurrency or forex

Here are my note typed out in the video about the new global stock market view Forex à bucket shop brokers are corrupt Crypto -> steep bear market 24000 USA stocks import in MotiveWave More opportunity for lower priced stock <$10 Use top gurus techniques (e.g. Warrior Trading/Ross Cameron/Tim Sykes) No Pattern day trading rule […]

Set up MotiveWave Windows setup for cryptocurrency trading

A new #Windows 10 set up is needed to run multi screen for Cryptocurrency and #forex algo #trading with MotiveWave. If you are interested in this topic and like FREE trading PDF books, please sign up at https://quantlabs.net/book/We now got our new DVD on the way! https://quantlabs.net/dvd/ Set up MotiveWave #Windows setup for #cryptotrading A […]

Trading set ups for cryptocurrency and forex Dec 27 with updated DVD

See the updated DVD link below More successful setups again coming your way tonight my time. As usual, get your FREE trading books here https://quantlabs.net/book/ Get an updated DVD here https://quantlabs.net/dvd/ Get an updated DVD here https://quantlabs.net/dvd/ HOW DO YOU START A PROFITABLE TRADING BUSINESS? Read more NOW >>>NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS […]

Why is YouTube attacking cryptocurrency channels?

Why is our Overlords called Google Youtube or ABC striking these channels. It sounds like the United States is no longer the ‘free-est’ country in the world. Here are the articles: Like these topics? Get some free books here https://cointelegraph.com/news/cryptocurrency-influencers-speak-out-on-youtube-deleting-crypto-related-content https://cointelegraph.com/news/cryptocurrency-influencers-speak-out-on-youtube-deleting-crypto-related-content HOW DO YOU START A PROFITABLE TRADING BUSINESS? Read more NOW >>>NOTE I now […]