Which crypto coin offers lowest transaction fees?

After synching up my Shopify store to see which crypto coin offers lowest transaction fees:

Don’t invest in crypto Bitcoin ETF futures nor options

I put on some positions with a Bitcoin ETF to load up when Credit Suisse was being taken over. I did pretty well with that move.

Three Bitcoin crypto ETF beat S&P 500

I have access to 3 Bitcoin crpto ETF using dxFeed with IBKR on MotiveWave. I

China back Hong Kong regulation for crypto retail investor

This is good news for crypto retail investor. We should all benefit as the crypto market will benefit as China backs Hong Kong regulation

cryptocurrency going down so I explain why

Cryptocurrency going down for several reasons. It ain’t technical analysis or order flow that will help you.

Here is what crypto coins was moving last nite

This is slightly delayed but I want to show you which coins where moving inclduing LRC and MANA. Want to learn more about which coins move, join my chat server https://quantlabs.info/   Get my Trade Like a Boss PDF here https://quantlabs.net/contact/ NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don’t worry […]

Will Bitcoin still lead the way or does RSI say a crypto trading pullback is coming

I show the leading coin for potential moves today for crypto trading.. I also explain how Relative Strength Indicator can simply be used for potential pullback with Bitcoin and overall coins. The coins watched here are the potential movers based on my private chat server at quantlabs.info Get some free trading PDF secret stuff here […]

How optimally time your trades with crypto based on support and momentum

In this demo, I show that you can optimally time a potential entry if you miss it by using a slower timeframe. It all comes down to ensure there is an establish floor/support/base in the latest price action as well a upward momentum continue. I show all in this video. 

Top performing Metaverse crypto trading coins including MANA AXS SAND ENJ

Here are some of the top perfocming gaming/Metaverse coins with results. Check out the links below to the sources/ Kraken cryptocurrency coin trading restriction https://quantlabs.net/blog/2021/07/kraken-cryptocurrency-coin-trading-restriction/ From https://crypto.com/price/categories/metaverse Ensure to use the free resources from https://quantlabs.info/ Get some free trading secret PDFs https://quantlabs.net/contact/   NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. […]

Cryptocurrency High Level Course formal outline plus algo trading intro

Cryptocurrency High Level trading Course 3 weeks plus 1 week for optional based on algo trading bot development intro Requirements and Logistics Non technical welcome no IT skills needed Helps to secure your future with crypto 4 weeks x 12 times a year starting 4 weeks of each month Can repeat based on your sign […]