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From Ghana
o be honest with you I didn’t know the right package to choose from but to make things simpler for me I opted for the Quant Elite knowing it encompasses all the other packages. I took this decision because I had just discovered your works and I’m overly impressed at the wealth of knowledge and mentorship you provide. I do not the slightest regret because your page has made me learn a lot especially motivating me to learn Python and some secrets about algotrading
From Florida

Good day for shopping for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Gold made me a 50% profit. And that not leveraged. Try that in the equities or fx markets. Of course I got bitcoin cash ($1600) and bitcoin gold both for free when BTC forked. My portfolio is over 500% since May. Enough to make even the HFT quants jealous. I am an average day trader in a crazy bull market where it is actually hard to lose money. Even boring old buy and hold is up about the same amount since May. Imagine automating that to take better advantage of the swings. That is my current project and your help has been key in a lot of the dev.

Paul Cottrell

Quantlabs is a great source for any level of algorithmic trader. With vast amounts of how-to material and ample examples in a variety of programming platforms a student can become acclimated to the world of quantitative finance with confidence. Even if you are an experienced quantitative trader or researcher the community at Quantlabs is inspiring and informative. I highly recommend Quantlabs for the serious trader and quantitative researcher. The lessons are awesome…

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your goals. If you only care about market trading signals, there is no requirements. We have TradingView Pine scripts available to assist in automating your trading using these signals. If you are wanting to code, it might be helpful to have some basic knowledge of programming.

It depends on your background. Once again, if you are only interested in our signals, you can started right away with TradingView and our Pine Script invitations. If you are waning to advance your automated trading technical level, it depends on your level of knowledge. There are various 10 courses for beginners to highly advanced knowledge.

Automation will remove all emotion for your trading. It eliminates all wild impulses where you could lose money. Once an automated strategy works, it can profit 24/7 (e.g. with crypto) as long as market conditions are met. Our signals only focuses on high performing assets. 

If your experience is focused on a coin or a single type of strategy, yes!
Learning how the rest of your trading ecosystem works can yield great results and optimization opportunities.

At this time the course is available only in the English language. The limitation of where you live is only limited by what access you have to market exchanges.  

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