Rebalance watchlist today for crypto and forex

After todays webinar and lessons, I am trimming down the email alerts. I am also seeing some crypto and forex potential with recent scans as well. Like this stuff ? Get signed up and received some PDF while you are at it. HOW DO YOU START A PROFITABLE TRADING BUSINESS? Read more NOW >>>NOTE […]

Extreme candlestick wicks ruin your cryptocurrency trading

Check out these extreme candlestick wicks which suggest manipulation or lack of volume/liquidity. If you don’t see these, this will explain why your cryptocurrency trades fall through the floor. Like this topic? Sign up for more HOW DO YOU START A PROFITABLE TRADING BUSINESS? Read more NOW >>>NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into […]

More discoveries with MotiveWave for forex crypto

Here are some notes I made as I dig into MotiveWave even more. When looking at Java study source, make sure to understand label of signals in code. These match up with file. This is explained on Chapter 10 (pg 73) in SDK Programming Guide If you are interested in this type topic […]

Execute cryptocurrency trade or any order in any MotiveWave edition

Execute #cryptocurrency trade or any order in lower priced MotiveWave edition This scenario is great for those who cannot afford the high priced edition of Motive Wave like Pro or Ultimate. SInce you cannot execute trades/order in the Standard edition, this solution overcomes that. It also enables you to trade crypto from CoinCompare data you […]

NEW Bot trading LIVE on Binance cryptocurrency with 3rd party tracking

We are now LIVE with this new bot for 100% cryptocurrency with Binance Exchange. Today the market is pretty well flat so there is nothing exciting outside of a bunch open positions for a number of hours. We shall see how they do being measured by 3rd part tracking site Interested in this topic? […]