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Are you needing custom algo trading without the need of programming?

Start your automated trading with Cryptocurrency and Forex

Published by Bryan Downing

Are you needing LIVE trading signals that work?

I get it. Most people are overwhelmed with all the tech gizmo stuff. Everyone still wants automated trading that actually works. No longer will you be get a cloned set of trades that thousands of traders who do the same. 

All trades can run 24/7 with cryptocurrency and market hours for forex! You no longer need to be overwhelmed with anxiety since all the complex trading decisions are generated via our trade signals. 

Get that Algo Trading Machine

I know most people are losing on the trades with or without automation. I always tweak these strategies to optimize all trading opportunities to optimize your results.

LIVE Signals

Step 1

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Step 2

Get our custom Metatrader 4 EA (Expert advisor) to automate your  orders on the exit!


Step 3

Deep research my hourly updated reports with files to show stop loss targets, watchlist, and to many list!

Get our DEEP ANALYTIC research in REAL TIME

Overwhelmed on what technical analysis indicator to use?  

All million dollar traders told me one thing 

Keep it simple. I mean really simple. We are just using volume, FIb levels for support/resistance, and rate of change. That is it! No other secretive stuff needed to know to get winning trades! 

Do you have access your broker or exchange level 2 data? 

Many don’t know the secret sauce of what the pros use. If you are able to see bid/ask or long/short of real time trades, you are being left behind. Our technology uses the Oanda (for forex) and Kraken (for crypto) has access to the order book to provide crucial market trend direction. All newbie traders are not even aware of this. This is just another reason why traders never win.

How long does it take to set your target levels? 

Can you instantly set your support/resistant levels? Or how about stop loss or pricing target levels? Our software can set these crucial levels on the stop. When an instrument is added to our watchlist, all levels are set on the spot! It will then monitor those instruments every 2 minutes all day long. No human can ever do that!

Are you needing a private chat room for positive results?

You know you about the many expensive jerk gurus out there that will not produce results.

Why do you do that to yourself? 

Our chat room participants are actual doers. They also will help where you need it no matter what level you are at. 

Chat room engages 

Ask any question or get the private up to date news I do not post nowhere else! 

Automating Your Trades Is Awesome

Why waste your time with expensive guru/educators by trading as a human? It only gives you anxiety you don’t need. Automating your winning orders will give you absolute freedom to focus and free up your time!  

Never worry 

Here’s the bad stuff

Anxiety of bad potential tradesNo more overwhelmNo more guessingNever be chained to your computer

Automation gives you

Here’s the good stuff

Trade anytime even when you sleepWork with winning strategiesExclusive chat room to anonymouslyOnly trade in hot opportunities


Quant Analytics

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Trade Cryptocurrency and ForexLive signal for your automated ordersExclusive private chat serverDeep reseach updated every hour

$1500+ Annually Value, available for…

Just $67/Month Today

Get Started NowStart Building Your 24/7 Trading Machine

Why is the price so low?

This is early days of our signaling. It works but as it build values, expect the price to go up substantially.

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