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Attention traders who want to start earning MASSIVE automated profits:

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How To Build a Profitable Quant Trading
Business You Can Easily Run and
Totally Control From
Your Home Office – Today!

I’ll prove right on this page that YOU can build a simple and profitable automated trading business from wherever you are right now.

You can do it with proven, very affordable resources that work today and for the future

… as you scale up as BIG as you want!

Bryan Downing

Founder, Quantlabs.net

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#1 Advocate of Quant Trading for the Private Investor

Dear Aspiring Quant Trader:

Yes — for the first time ever — you can create your very own ‘profits on autopilot’ without holding a PhD in Mathematics …

… without being a degreed software engineer …

… and without needing a huge sum of money to trade!

Because you’re about to get your hands on the absolute best — and most inexpensive — tools, resources and contacts available to ANYONE looking to get started in automated trading.

•Even if you’re just a ‘regular guy’ working out of your living room corner in your spare time …

•Even if you’re NOT a mathematical genius (or a fund manager with an Ivy League PhD) …

•Even if you’ve tried and FAILED before to slap together an automated system that works …

… NOW your time has arrived!

Today you really can challenge even the most powerful industry participants in the quant trading game.

And best of all:

Unlike any other solution available anywhere else …

YOU will be in total control of your own personalized quant trading system.

One you can create with open, unlocked and easily-expanded tools and add-ons.

One you will NOT be spending thousands of dollars to “license” or “rent” from someone with the power to cut you off or freeze you out on a whim.

One you can ‘set and forget’ on auto-pilot to make winning trades from the very best of your ideas.

Give me 5 minutes …

… and I’ll PROVE to you that every word I say is absolutely true.

Because What Richard Branson Did

for the Airline Industry …

“I am indebted to Bryan Downing for introducing me to some of the trading technologies mentioned in Chapter 1…”

-Dr. Ernest Chan

Managing Member, QTS Capital Management, LLC

Author, “Quantitative Trading: How to Build Your Own Algorithmic Trading Business” and “Algorithmic Trading: Winning Strategies and Their Rationale”

… I’m doing for the quantitative trading industry!

My name is Bryan Downing and quant trading is serious business in my life. Every dime I invest is my future. In fact, I’m the #1 advocate of quant trading for the private investor.

That means I test and teach the cheapest … most efficient … future-proof … stable … and COMPLETE solutions for aspiring home-based quant traders.

No one else offers such a complete package!

So I don’t take it lightly. I’ve worked hard to get where I am.

And I’m in the unique position of putting YOU in the driver’s seat of your own quant trading business. One where you’re getting an almost unfair head start on other traders who aren’t reading this right now.

Yes — if trading wasn’t such a cutthroat, super-competitive business …

… I bet you’d start feeling sorry for what other traders are about to miss today. Because you can literally cut out:

•YEARS of wasted time

•Hundreds of hours of hair-pulling frustration, stress, and grief, and …

•Tens of THOUSANDS of dollars in missed profits, dumb losses and dead-end systems you should never have paid for in the first place!

For example …

If you don’t have a winning system yet, I’ll tell you exactly how to find one. And then tweak it so it really delivers.

Don’t have any programming expertise?

I’ll show you why that doesn’t matter!

Don’t know where to start when it comes to the seemingly endless choices of software, languages and algorithms?

Well …

I’m Here to Show You
EXACTLY What Works …

Not just in theory, but in practise. And all of it without …

… ongoing licensing fees …

… “black boxes” and …

… ridiculous costs and complexity too!

You’ll get code and systems YOU control 100%.

That means you don’t just “eat a quant fish” for a day …

… but instead you learn how to do your own profitable “quant fishing” for life. You’ll have a whole new money-making career opened up for you like never before.

That’s because I spent 3 years developing a practical system you can run from your own home … without expensive add-ons, mega-fast Internet connections, or super-sophisticated hardware.

Now you can get everything you need to start living a trader’s life like this one:

Just imagine spending a few minutes downloading your data at the start of your trading day. You’ll be sitting back with a cup of coffee. Watching the dog play in the yard with your kids before they go to school. Enjoying your favorite music as you relax in your very comfortable home office chair …

All while you watch your custom money-making quant strategies chew through the numbers … spit out a list of orders … and send them to the market flawlessly and without stress, fuss or bother.

All with a just a few keystrokes too.

Then — with your day’s ‘work’ out of the way — you can go out and hit the gym, or spend time with your family …

… or do WHATEVER you want while your computer does the hard slogging for you.

You can of course “check in” to see how things are going during the trading session. But because you’ve tested and re-tested your winning systems, you know they’ll work …

… and all you have to do is relax … and let the money roll in.

And no, you do NOT need to have an advanced mathematics or computer science degree to create, tweak and verify winning quant strategies.

Why You Don’t Need To be a

“Mathematical Genius” or a

“Programming Guru” To Make Your

Best Ideas Work on Autopilot

You see, simple instruments can be very profitable with basic strategies.

That means stuff like stocks, futures, and currencies are all 100% valid targets for you. Even a few of the basic options strategies are fair game without going into the craziest math!

In fact, if you’ve taken a few high-school level courses in math, statistics or maybe computer programming …

… then you’ve got all the background you need to make this work.

(If you’ve got even MORE schooling than that — great! But there’s no need for PhD level math if you’re not interested in learning any.)

You see, that’s the beauty of today’s high-powered — and yet very straightforward — quant trading packages. Your computer leverages your best ideas in ways that simply weren’t possible even 5 years ago. Not without lots of programming and VERY expensive set-ups, anyway.

This means you can ride the coat-tails of the genius PhDs who have gone before you …

… and forget about the mind-bending complexity that plagued the pioneers.

Pioneers like these, to pick just a handful:

Dr. Edward O. Thorp: The grand-daddy of quant trading, Dr. Thorp founded the very first quantitative hedge fund (Princeton Newport Partners). He not only delivered a 15.1% annualized return over 19 years …

… but also his personal investments yielded an annualized 20% rate of return over 28.5 years!

And yes … this is the same guy who invented card counting in blackjack and wrote THE #1 book about it: “Beat the Dealer”!

Jim Simons: Founder of Renaissance Technologies, one of the world’s most successful hedge funds. Since 1989, the company’s $5 billion Medallion Fund has averaged 35% annual returns after fees.

Simons retired not long ago with a net worth estimated at $12.5 billion.

Yes, that’s billion with a B!

Dave Cummings: Cummings launched and still runs a world-class high-frequency trading outfit called Tradebot Systems. Cummings also fired up his own ECN called Better Alternative Trading System (better known as BATS) …

… and today he controls about 10% of U.S. stock market volume.

Even better: he “has not had a losing day in 4 years”. Wow!

Vincent “Vinnie” Viola: After being involved in interest rate derivatives trading, Viola eventually launched Virtu Financial, a high-frequency trading operation. Viola reported that in 5 years of trading …

… he earned a profit 1277 out of 1278 days.

Yes, he’s had just 1 (one) losing day from 1278!

And now you might be thinking:

“Wow, those guys are all big players. What does that have to do with me … when I’m starting from the bottom?”

It has EVERYTHING to do with you!

And there are some very good reasons for that:

Revealed: The Breakthrough That Lets

Home-Based Traders Launch Successful

Quant Trading Operations!

You see, there are all kinds of wide-open opportunities for you to make money in ways that simply weren’t possible before. This is still the Wild West of automated trading.

The frontiers are open ….

… and the spoils are yours to take!

In fact, there’s never been a better time to get into quantitative trading than right now.

That’s because there are now so many great tools to help you get things done …


… that you’ll scarcely believe just how clear-cut it is with the right advice and training.

Did you ever play with a Lego or Mechano set when you were with a kid? Well, today’s quant trading world is just like that. Except with today’s toy sets …

… you can build any kind of profit-making system you want!

If this seems too hard to swallow, then think about it this way:

A lot of hard work (and high level brainpower) went into building the first personal computers way back in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Yes, it was SERIOUS geek stuff. You had to master many different hardware, software and handyman skills just to get anything that would work!

Now today’s personal computers are as easy to use as any home appliance …

… and yet they can do so much more than the first Apple, IBM and Altair clunkers that it’s not even funny.

Automated trading is now entering a similar “Golden Age” of power and simplicity.

And that’s fantastic news for you!

Because now you can become one of the elite traders using simple strategies to earn handsome automated incomes day after day and week after week.

Did you know? …

“… high-frequency trading firms, which represent approximately 2% of the 20,000 or so trading firms operating in the U.S. markets today, account for 73% of all U.S. equity trading volume”

-”The Real Story of Trading Software Espionage”, Wall Street & Technology

“Algorithmic trading and high-frequency trading (HFT), virtually unknown until about six years ago, now account for almost 70% of the flow of orders on the main exchanges.”

-”Going Broke in Stocks”, The Economist

“… forex has been very much the go-to market for algorithmic traders. Anecdotal evidence and surveys (including the latest from Automated Trader) show that the trend to move into FX has shown little sign of abating.”

-”Gaining a Foothold in FX”, Automated Trader Magazine

In fact, probably about 80% of all trades are now being made by algorithms.

So don’t you think you should be getting a piece of that pie?

Of course you should!

Especially when you understand …

Why ‘Simple is Best’:

3 Winning Reasons

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

-Albert Einstein, who came up with the famous E=mc² equation as part of his discovery of special and general relativity and is still considered one of history’s greatest scientists and thinkers

Some people are wrongly attracted to complexity.

They think they look smart by making everything as complicated as possible.

And for sure you’ve met someone like this in your life. You know, the guy who’s always bragging about his Mensa membership … using 5 syllable words with when he doesn’t need to … and never missing a chance to show he knows “everything” from arithmetic to zoology.

And depending on how polite you were, you either let him continue with his fantasy …

… or you showed him up for the complete poser he was.

Now think back to the best teacher you ever had.

Did he (or she) make things complicated? Or did they make complicated stuff simple?

I’d bet my bottom dollar it was all about making simplicity from complexity. That’s what gave you those magic “light bulb moments” over and over with your favorite teacher.

And you see …

… successful algorithmic trading works the same way. You do best when you get to the heart of the matter and find the simple solutions.

The ones that make sense!

So here are 3 very important reasons why ‘keeping it simple’ MUST be part of your money-making strategy …

1. Exploit Small — But Profitable — Loopholes: Strategies that won’t work with “big” money work great when you’re smaller. That’s because the billion-dollar hedge funds aren’t nimble enough to play in certain market areas.

Not without ruining the conditions of the trade, anyway. (Think of an elephant trying to squeeze through a mouse hole!)

But you can be a VERY profitable 6-figure and 7-figure “mouse” once you know which holes to use. And there’s lots of cheese cubes out there just waiting to be discovered.

I’m going to show you exactly where to find them!

2. A Hammer Breaks Less Than An Engine: You’re much more likely to be successful with simple strategies that are fast and easy to create, optimize, and scale. You can test them quicker too!

Overly complex strategies have SO many parts ….

… they’re far more likely to go ‘boom!’ when things go wrong. Ever wondered why some of the huge hedge funds blew up even with all that PhD expertise and computing power in their arsenal?

I’m talking about catastrophes like the one where Knight Capital lost about $10 million a minute as a result of trading disaster. The firm lost $440 million in a day … and its shares plunged 70% until it was bought out by a competitor for pennies on the dollar.

Then there was Amaranth, which lost $6 billion in 1 week and was forced to close.

Or Long Term Capital Management, which needed a $3.6 billion bailout after it lost $4.6 billion in less than 4 months. The managing partners once had $1.9 billion of their own money invested, and all of it was completely wiped out.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

-Leonardo da Vinci, the famous Italian draftsman, Painter, Sculptor, Architect and Engineer whose genius epitomized the Renaissance humanist ideal

And don’t forget about all the “sophisticated” managers who lost their shirts in the 2008 sub-prime mortgage disaster too!

Who needs that kind of complexity when it’s completely unnecessary?

3. Nothing Beats A Great Track Record: And if you’re looking to get hired by a big trading fund one day, the very best way to do it is to have a proven track record of making money.

What manager’s going to say no to a verified winner?

Because you’ll have expert real-life ‘nuts and bolts’ knowledge of:

– planning and implementing an efficient automated execution system

– refining and backtesting strategies correctly so they really are profitable and

– managing the risk for the long term too! (most traders and even funds screw this up)

Unlike 98% of your competition, YOU will know exactly what you’re doing. And you’ll have the performance history to back it up.

Remember, even the greatest, wealthiest trader today had to start from somewhere.

Why not you?

Why not now?

Because you can do this today from your own home — if you have the correct tools and training!

Lazy Traders:

Look Away Now

Now here’s the bad news:

You’ll have to do SOME work to begin quant trading this way.

This is not like buying one of those worthless trading robots where ‘you magically make money on autopilot without ever lifting a finger’.


This is NOT about running forex or binary options robots or other mass-market “software miracles”. Because that stuff won’t work at all. In fact, it was never designed to work in the first place!

Instead, this is REAL automated quant trading. With real systems that work. And real profits.

And that means …

•You will have to roll up your sleeves and follow some directions to make this happen.

•You will have to give your brain some good, old-fashioned exercise.

•You will have to enjoy a bit of experimenting and being creative to get things “just right”.

But you know what?

It will all be worth it …

… because most so-called traders will be far too lazy to do this. They mistakenly think it’s too hard. (You’ll know better, of course).

That leaves you with the lion’s share of the money day after day.

So if you’re …

•A high net worth individual who wants FULL control of your trading – THIS IS FOR YOU!


•A proprietary trader who wants to be an indie – THIS IS FOR YOU!


•A computer science programmer considering a future as a quant software engineer – THIS IS FOR YOU!


•A entrepreneur or professional ready to launch a quant trading business as a new career -THIS IS FOR YOU!

Heck, you don’t even have to be in any of those categories if you’re just plain eager to learn. With the right attitude and set-up …

… you’ll be poised to make your fortune from the extraordinary opportunities that algorithmic trading will open up for you.

Because if you’ve ever said “what about this idea?” and wondered if (or how) you could profit from it …


One more thing:

If you’re still on the fence about this …

Think About All the Opportunities You’re

Losing to Traders Who Already Know

How to Automate Their Profitable Trading

Right now, they know a few things you don’t. But not for long. And YOU can beat them! Because you’re going to learn how to work smarter than them … … while spending a whole lot LESS too!

Just think how much farther ahead you’ll be in the game when you learn …

•How to gain true financial independence … so you can enjoy real long-term financial certainty

•How to uncover winning combinations — without building from scratch! — so you can do the work of literally dozens of traders

•How to systematically avoid risk — and FINALLY start winning more consistently

•How to make the new way of automated trading work for you faster … more easily than you ever thought possible

Because if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by all the technology … and you want the easiest, fastest way to control your trading environment (while making more money too!) … … then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been researching High Speed Trading Platform technologies and quantitative trading strategies for the last 3 years …

… and it’s why I’m in your corner with the best stuff that really works for the private algorithmic trader. THAT’S what you’re going to learn about right now.

It’s tremendously exciting!

Because there are hundreds — if not thousands — of trading ideas available in the public sphere. I’ll tell you where to find the best ones that have the highest chance of actually working. Plus you’ll also discover:

•How to identify your ideal strategies. (if you don’t do this, you’ll never enjoy the fullest success you deserve)

•Why you DON’T need to be working on Wall Street or at a super-secret hedge fund to get great ideas that really work.

•What to modify (and how) so you can transform a promising but unprofitable strategy a real money-maker and then optimize its performance.

•The quickest ways to tell if a so-called “Artificial Intelligence” algorithm will work … or not!

•If so-called “parameter-less” trading systems really exist … and deliver profits? The surprising answer …

•Why average annualized returns aren’t a great indicator of a good strategy (and the 2 things that are truly useful)

But that’s not all. You’ve got to know …

How to Test Your Strategy the
Fastest, Cheapest and Most
Efficient Way Possible!

That’s why I also show you:

•What benchmarks work best when backtesting your strategies. Including the super-smart shortcuts you can take BEFORE potentially wasting your time!

•What kind of data you need — including the best ways to determine if your strategy needs the expensive stuff. Or if you can get by on cheap (or even free) data!

•Which common pitfalls you must avoid (and how to keep them out of your own testing)

•What data-snooping bias is … why it’s dangerous … and the fastest ways to ensure it doesn’t lead you down the garden path of false hopes!

•How to find, evaluate and tweak the best free (or low cost) historical databases, including some very good ones I’ve reserved for our members only

•The magic number of data points you need for accurate testing

•The difference between a “training set” and a “test set” of data, and why you need both to maximize your chance of success

I also go over the reasons why joining a prop trading firm might work for you — and when it doesn’t make ANY sense at all!

Plus you’ll learn all about the physical trading set-up you need to make everything happen. That includes the best rig layout for you to trade remotely from home.

It’s cheaper than you think!

Plus, you can’t overlook …

Why You’ll Be More Successful

As An Automated Trader

Until now, your trading has probably been hit and miss. With probably a lot more misses than hits.

That’s because you don’t know how to actually build something that could make your fortune.

Not for long!

Because I’m about to give you everything you need to know.

Including how to build your own ATS (automated trading system) … the best ways to minimize trading costs … and how to make sure your strategy actually works as well as the backtesting results said it would!

It cost me $30,000 to test ideas, platforms, languages, and pretty much EVERYTHING …

… so you won’t have to.

That means you’ll be able to quickly take the shortcuts that will totally minimize your learning curve.

Stuff like:

•How much should you automate? The detailed pro’s and con’s of full- and semi-automation, including when you need a programming consultant (if ever) …

•The advantages — and 1 big drawback — of hiring that programming consultant … and how to ensure the #1 problem NEVER happens

•The 3 languages which are most helpful for building an Automated Trading System

•The key differences between a basket trader and a spread trader, how to use each tool, and why you’ll probably want at least one … or maybe both!

•The best ways to minimize transaction costs (they can be the biggest factor affecting your profitability, and I know every trick to cut them down to size — it’s much more than just commissions!)

•Why paper trading is so important, and how to use it properly to save you a LOT of money

•The 5 key reasons why actual system performance can differ from expectations … and how to fix each one.

Now, you might be thinking:

“Whoa! This seems like a whole lot of stuff to learn!”

But Actually … It Isn’t

Because if you’re serious about trading, you’re already doing most of this stuff informally (and probably without much discipline).

You’re trying to do it all in your head, more or less. Or maybe with very primitive tools compared to what’s actually out there.

Yes — you’re trying to trade without using your computer’s full AWESOME power …

… to help you avoid mistakes, wasted money and unnecessary losses.

You just don’t have the knowledge — yet! — to put everything into an automated system that works.

Charts like this used to confuse you … but not any more!

For example, think of the first time you looked at a price chart. It probably looked like some kind of weird abstract art … a random mess of lines and squiggles, right?

But now you know better.

Today you can probably roll off the names of dozens of indicators. And do all kinds of technical analysis at the drop of a hat, right?

Trading quantitatively is just like that.

Except BETTER. Because after you learn how to tell your automated system to recognize and act on something once

… you don’t need to tell it again.

It’s true ‘set and forget’ trading. So yes, quant trading takes everything to the next level.

It’s far more precise.

Far more testable.

Far more reliable.

And you’ve got to get educated fast because …

Most Discretionary Trading

You’ve Been Taught is

Dead Wrong and Harmful to

Your Financial Security!

You see, so many ‘point and click’ traders who go by “instinct” always end up quitting. It’s because they just can’t handle the stress of the constant decision-making.

Making decisions is tough, after all.

Have you ever heard of something called “decision fatigue”? It happens to everyone after a long session of decision making.

And it can be any — or many — kinds of decision. Shopping for groceries (or major holiday such as Christmas). Work. Planning a wedding, convention or other big event.

And of course trading too!

Because decisions that involve you winning or losing money are amongst the most stressful of all …

… and trading’s FULL of them!

Over and over again.

Most would-be traders can’t handle that pressure over any length of time. And even experienced traders burn out after a while too.

So wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow delegate that kind of work to someone else?

Of course it would!

And now you know why automated quant trading can be so very consistent where a discretionary trader often isn’t. Because reducing your personal burden of decision making is KEY to great trading. And unlike you –

– your trusty computer does NOT get tired!

That Leaves Your Mind Free To Be
Truly Creative When YOU Want

It lets you fight the battles YOU want …

… on YOUR terms!

For example, I can show you all the following:

•The best way to maximize your long-term wealth with a proven system for allocating trading capital at the correct level of leverage. Even big hedge funds don’t always use it, but YOU should

•How to protect yourself against infamous ‘black swan’ events when things get really crazy

•Is a stop loss really the best way to protect yourself against large losses? The surprising answer …

•The difference between model risk and software risk — and the best ways to protect against both of these profit-holes

•The simplest way to enhance your strategy’s overall return: most traders get this completely wrong!

•Do seasonality trades still work? Only for some markets, and I’ll share which ones are worth exploiting

•How to get the Law of Large Numbers to make you bigger profits than ever before — all thanks to a high-frequency trading paradigm that doesn’t rely on hyper-expensive computers or data

•The best ways to grow your operation as you become more and more successful

Everything’s broken down into “bite sized” chunks too.

So even though you’re getting a lot of tactics, techniques, and strategies, it doesn’t feel like work when you’re learning. It goes by quickly …

… without being overwhelming at all.

And when you think about it …

How Much Are You Losing

By NOT Knowing

How to Trade Your

Own Great Ideas?

Because if you’re the sort of creative person who has great inspirations but not the time to trade them live and in person …

If you’re lacking the know-how and the tools to help you make those brilliant ideas work on auto pilot

Then the end-to-end content on offer at Quantlabs Elite is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Yes — with the right mix of tools and knowledge, you’ll be perfectly positioned to …

•automate all your best ideas …

•optimize them so they work realistically and with minimum risk, and …

•set the whole thing running like a customized wealth machine with less hassle, fewer issues and bigger rewards than you dared to imagine.

So how do you make it all happen?

Step by step … lesson by lesson … and piece by piece.

All of it illustrated every step of the way with clear examples, concise lessons, and actual code you can use right in the recommended software itself.

Rome might not have been built in a day …

… but you can bet the Roman bricklayers laid a few each and EVERY time the sun came up!

You too can achieve greatness with a clear, organized system. One that guides you efficiently to learn what you need …

… and then apply it immediately to create something that works.

So …

Let Me Show You
Exactly What You’re
About To Get:

Here’s precisely what’s exclusively on offer to Quant Elite members right now:

Complete Video Tutorial Courses: I’ve created more than 14 end-to-end super-courses covering everything you need to do pretty much anything you want in quant trading (more details on these in just a moment!)

Downloadable Software Source Code: Yes, I’ve supplemented those courses with dozens of source code examples in popular languages — including unique trading strategies!

Inside-Secrets Articles: I’ve also made available some private, secretive content from profitable banking industry insiders. You’ll gain some amazing insights and ideas to use as you please!

Events & Live Training: I host weekly events where we collaborate online and socially to ensure your trading success. You can find them all on the members-only calendar!

Member Forum: Plus I manage our community development area for members to share ideas in a private environment. There are over 385 topics open right now, including 175+ in the Trading Ideas section and 110+ in the Technical forum!

Recommended Books: There’s even a list of reading recommendations that will help you enhance your knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional practitioner, I’ve got something for you.

Bonuses: And of course I’ve specially selected some great bonuses you’ll love. You’ll get a terrific quick-start trading edge with these.

Want an idea for a trading system or a new algorithm? You got it.

Want feedback on your ideas or coding? It’s yours.

Have a question about a teaching video, a lesson or any of the content you’ll be accessing? No problem, I’ve got you covered.

There is NO other site anywhere offering this total package of code, tutorials, support and full-blown courses.

A few places out there offer you a book, maybe two.

Some have a series of helpful articles and a couple tutorials.

But no one else has put EVERYTHING together into a 1-stop shop designed to get you running your own profitable quant trading operation ASAP.

No one else has designed a complete, end-to-end “here’s how you do it!” program for you.

I’ll explain the bonuses shortly, by the way.

Because they’re a part of …

The Most Practical and Affordable Quant Trading
Education Available

Now about those courses …

The core course materials I’ve created are the A-Z of your 14-part advanced quant trading education. They’re delivered 1 info-packed unit and module at a time … at your pace.

That’s because each new module unlocks as you learn the last one. So you never lose track of what you’ve studied so far.

This is what’s going to truly kickstart you …

… so you can build a profitable automated trading business from wherever you are right now.

Also — and this is very important! — I’ve simplified the learning 1,000% with a unique bird’s-eye overview for each module! Each one has an introduction unit with detailed videos which give you a paint-by-numbers “map” of what you’re about to learn …

… and show you how everything fits together into the big picture.

Plus I include all the source code for everything. Yes!

So you do NOT have to start anything from scratch. All the pieces are there for you to pick and choose from. You can just mix’n’match the bits that suit your needs (and personal tastes) …

… without re-inventing that particular ‘quant wheel’!

So what’s the first piece?

First, you start with a Custom Trading Platform Visualization.

Because before you can create …

…. you need to see how my custom trading platform works as an end-to-end system. Then you’ll understand exactly what to do with it!

So right in Lesson 1, you’ll quickly grasp the principles of capturing real-time data via IQFeed … building trading strategy logic … executing market orders via Interactive Brokers TWS … and how to view various options of different databases too.

Then we forge right ahead with a 5-module Custom Trading Course.

That’s got 23 unique learning units covering all the basic topics in careful detail. Data, databases, strategies, and execution too!

Then we build on this foundation with a complete 17 unit algorithm course featuring Pair Trading, Arbitrage, and Autoregressive strategies …

… another 15-unit course focused on Backtesting and Measurement …

… and an Open Source Trading Platform Development course also (so important for doing everything as inexpensively as possible!)

This gives you all the conceptual tools (and code) you need to make things happen. And every module is laid out with sequential “here’s how you do it” video tutorials … one after the other.

But now we’re just getting to the really cool part!

Because once you’ve got a good grasp of everything to this point …

… you learn to EXPERTLY use 2 of the very best tools available to a savvy quant who doesn’t want to spend a bundle — or waste time — going down the wrong rabbit holes.

Why Mastering MATLAB

Makes Your Trading Life

So Much Easier (and Richer)

To get the most out of automated trading, you really need to make MATLAB a part of your creative and testing efforts.

It’s a high-level software environment (and language) and that lets you quickly and easily …

– analyze data with advanced statistical & mathematical modules

– easily and rapidly expand your trading ideas and

– develop the algorithms of your dreams too!

Not only is it straightforward to learn, it really is a massive time-saver. You’ll uncover profitable solutions faster. And it’s ideal for testing strategies that involve large universes of stocks or other instruments.

So yes, you really can scan 1,000’s of stocks — or dozens of futures contracts or forex pairs — to find exactly the right conditions you’ve decided make for the best profits.

All in real time, if you want it. And all at the push of a button.

That’s why I want you to get the most out of MATLAB as quickly as possible. Especially the super-powered toolboxes which magnify MATLAB’s usefulness …

… the same way gasoline “magnifies” a fire. (Whoosh!)

That’s why I created 4 additional courses covering all the time- (and sanity) saving tricks and tips I know about MATLAB toolboxes.

As an Elite member, you’ll get an 8-module Financial Toolbox course … a 17-module Econometrics Toolbox course … an even bigger 19-module one covering the Signal Processing, Stats and Maths Toolboxes …

… plus a whopping 20-module course covering the System Identification, Wavelet, Optimization and Curve Fitting Toolboxes too!

You’ll understand the 6 key advantages — and 2 disadvantages — of using MATLAB in your quant trading business. Plus you’ll know how to …

•Gain incredible insight into previously hidden trends and correlations by fitting curves and surfaces to data and discovering hidden inter-linkages

•Create a workflow roadmap to rapidly develop — and back-test — your best trading ideas

•Decide the very best parameters to minimize drawdown (or maximize profit) within the constraints you define

•Optimize your returns by determining the best mix of stocks and other components in your portfolios, including turnover and transaction costs

•Estimate your risk and linked investment performance accurately (is your planned strategy really worth it?) and …

•Feel confident about your future results no matter what stupidity the government commits. Because you’ll be able to model economic data with the most useful economic simulation and forecasting models too!

In fact, you’ll know how to use MATLAB to do almost any automated task you want (and the one thing you can’t use it for) …

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I honestly can’t list all the things you’ll be able to do because they just wouldn’t fit on the page!

Plus –before I forget — there’s another course I’ve just added to the members’ area:

MATLAB uses something called Simulink. That lets you visually build profitable trading ideas, automatically generate code, and continuously test and verify systems too.

This ensures your trading systems are as robust as possible in real time.

So I’ve included 1 more course that’s all about MATLAB Strategy Development Demos and Researching with Simulink. It ties everything together and gives you the best possible MATLAB education in the shortest possible time.

You’ll be a MATLAB expert!

And you’ll have plenty of MATLAB code to work with to build your own exciting strategies right away.

That’s not just super-helpful to your own trading …

… but knowing MATLAB is inside-and-out is pretty much essential if you’re planning to work for a big hedge fund one day soon.

So what else is there?

Only the best language available for quant trading, that what! ‘R’ You Ready To Position Yourself As a Serious Winner?

I also show you how to learn R with a minimum of fuss and bother.

R is a software programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. That makes it very handy for us as quant traders …

… and automated trading systems are a huge part of why R’s popularity has increased substantially in recent years!

Plus — just like MATLAB, knowing R isn’t valuable just for what it can do for your own quant trading results –

– because solid R knowledge is highly prized by industry insiders too. It’s an incredibly useful language for writing very useful automated trading code.

So even if you’re completely unfamiliar with R right now, I’ll make you an expert with 5 end-to-end courses on using the R language to do pretty much anything you can imagine.

We’ll start with a 10-module Introductory R course so you grasp all the basics.

Then we’ll move into some very interesting stuff including:

• Arbitrage and Volatility opportunities (11 modules) – you’ll learn how to profit from extremes with mathematical certainty even while others are panicking

• Mean Reversion and Pair Trading ideas and executions (12 modules) – is there really a valid link between Stock X and Y? You’ll know if it’s profitable or not. In fact, this is one of the most creative and exciting ways to find profit opportunities no one else has spotted!

•How to use Technical Analysis with R too (8 modules)! Yes, this is how to translate your technical analysis skills into quantifiable algorithms that will trade automatically.

There’s even a couple bonus lessons I’ve added to ensure you have the best skillset possible.

Bonus 1: How to use Hadoop and R for big data parallel processing (very important if you’re planning to sift through very large amounts of data to find the very best strategies)

… and …

Bonus 2: Intro to R statistic programming (an extra introductory video to R to be sure you really get it)

Wow — that probably seems like a lot, doesn’t it?

But understanding “just the basics” of R will teach you how to think about the best ways to earn profits with algorithms. It’s that powerful.

And that’s why it’s getting so popular!

Just following what I teach will help you understand …

•The differences between mean-reverting and momentum strategies, and when to use them (and why!) …

… plus the different ways competing traders affect each type …

… and why your exit strategy must be different too!

•How to find co-integrated pairs quickly and easily — and create profitable systems from your discoveries

•The key difference between correlation and cointegration — and what this means for your trading ideas

•How to create factor models for almost any economic, fundamental or technical criteria you can think of …

…and the times when almost any factor will NOT work

•Why statistical arbitrage works better than fancier, more “glamorous” derivatives-based systems for an independent trader

Don’t forget there’s lots of great coding samples in R too — so you’ll never be stuck starting from scratch with a dreaded ‘blank screen’ in front of you.

So what’s all this going to cost you?

How to Save Yourself

Thousands of Dollars and

Years of Wasted Time …

Right Now

Now – to give you an idea of how valuable this is for you …

… let me tell you how much others have paid for less open and useful trading systems and software:

•One (1) discretionary trading strategy from Tim Sykes will cost you $5,000 a month

•You could lease platforms such as the ones offered by Deltix and Trading Technologies for $2,000 – $9,000 a month

•And Marketcera’s formerly open-source trading platform now costs you $3,500 – $4,500 every 30 days.

PLUS it gets worse ….

…. because you could be held hostage in long-term commitments with trading strategies — and even source code! — you don’t own. (In some cases, you can’t even LOOK at it!)

Can you imagine how expensive that will be in the long run?

So for the kind of education you’re getting — the one that took me 3 years and cost me $30,000 …

… I could easily charge $5,000 just for access, plus $500 a month.

After all, there are loads of “trading workshops” and “trading seminars” around the web for $2,000 … $3,000 … $5,000 … even $8,000 and more. All that money for just a few hours — maybe a week! — with a guru.

He’ll show you his trading techniques and methods —

— and after that you’re on your own. Yikes!

That’s NOT a good deal for you at all.

I have something much better (and much more affordable too).

1Because I’m teaching you everything I know.

2The ‘Golden Age of Quant Trading for the Private Investor’ is happening right now.

3You’re about to get one of the best ‘street-smart’ quant trading educations available!

And there’s even a great GUARANTEE I’ll tell you about in just a moment …

So Let’s Talk About This From a

Practical “Dollars and Cents” Standpoint

Do you like Starbucks Coffee? Or a cheap lunch at McDonald’s?

Well, you’re probably paying $5 a shot for that and not giving it a second thought.

And at an average $5 a day, that’s $150 a month, right? That’s almost $1,800 a year. And what’s it doing besides tasting good and giving you the jitters — or a trans-fat overload?

Is it giving you lifetime skills to make a fortune?

Is it making you rich?

Is it locking in your secure retirement?

None of the above.

And that’s why I’ve made this MASSIVELY cheaper than a daily cup of Starbuck’s Coffee or a Mc-Meal. Because you can get started today for just $499.

You’ll pay just $499 to access everything — ALL of it!

Elsewhere, you’ll pay much more to get something that isn’t even practical. Not without mega-bucks to invest, anyway.

For example, let’s look at the cost of a few quant certificates for ‘big shots’ you could earn:

•A Stanford Quantitative Finance certificate will cost you 164,000 Hong Kong Dollars, for example. (That’s over $21,000 USD).

•And the CFA Institute’s Certificate in Quantitative Finance program costs you $20,800 USD unless you’re already a member.

Now you do get a nice “official certificate” from these guys, of course.

I can’t offer that.

But what I can do is give you the most practical, “no B.S.”, proven way to set yourself up the right way as a quant trader.

•Want total control over your trading and investments like no one’s business? You’ll have it …

•Considering a new future as a quant software engineer? You’ll acquire a fantastic practical foundation …

•Seeking a secure base to build your reputation as a quant trader with real skills, experience, and a track record too? You’ll be well on your way …

Remember, this is what will help you stop fighting with technology and start getting profitable ASAP.

Because Quantlabs Elite is the ONLY place you’ll learn how to develop your very own out-performing quant trading system. One that’s perfectly suited for you as a private trader or investor.

Something you can easily run from home

… with TOTAL control over what you’re doing every step of the way. Even if you’re not a math and computer whiz!

Why You Need to Act Soon

The $499 price is my Special Introductory offer, by the way. I’m starting LOW to encourage as many new members as possible right now.

The price is only going to go up from here.

By $100 a month. Each and every month. Because as soon as that calendar changes …

… you’ve just missed your chance to save $100 to get in.

Here’s why: there will be continuous updates week after week and month after month. Change happens every day in the quant world. There’s new stuff to check out … experiment with … and share with Elite members on a CONSTANT basis.

•New software updates to review and report on.

•New systems to assemble and discuss.

•New algos to test in every possible way, and

•New course materials to prepare and roll out too!

That’s why it’s $97/month for continued access after your first month. You’ll get the very best Elite discoveries, knowledge-sharing and updates as we make them.

You can lock in that rate right now, once and for all.

Get everything I have right now for just $499 …

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I’ve done all the legwork and all the prepping for you. Everything’s laid out and ready to go.

You’re about to slash years from your learning curve …

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I mean, think about it! Your portfolio can be affected by many multiples of $3 a day when you’re trading. So why not get the most practical quant education out there by arming yourself with a Quant Elite membership?

Especially when …

You’re Completely Covered

With My Very Special ‘Quant

Elite’ Service Guarantee

Now my friends think I’m crazy for this, but I’ve always had this policy when it comes to guarantees.

You see, I’m taking on all the risk!

(That’s how confident I am that Quant Elite really is going to return its value many times over for you. It really will get you on the right path with the best tools and skills — immediately!)

Here’s how my Elite pledge works:

If you’re not completely satisfied with EVERYTHING your Quant Elite Service Membership is providing you in 14 full days

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If you decide it’s not for you, just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.

No questions asked! There’s no …

•Wiggle clauses

•Shenanigans, or

•Fine print

Your word is GOLD. If you want out, you’re out. It’s a simple as that!

Do you see how the risk is all mine?

There’s no $3,000 … $5,000 … or $10,000 workshops. No mega-fees for software or algo usage. No ‘black box’ systems you have to trust on faith and faith alone.

Everything is tailored for the home-based quant trader looking to get up to speed ASAP without wasting time or money.

You’ll be able to scale up as big as you want, whenever you want.

No one will be able to hold you or your ideas hostage. You’ll be the master of your own destiny!

Because you’ll be getting 14 — and counting — complete video tutorial courses. (I’ll be adding more specialized and advanced topics on a regular basis.)

Plus dozens of source code examples in popular languages, including unique trading strategies. There’s more coming every month!

Don’t forget the weekly events where we collaborate online and socially to ensure your trading success. Everything’s posted on the members-only calendar.

And our members-only community development area lets you share ideas, tips and tricks in a private environment. Ask a question, get an answer …

Plus the 5-star book recommendations. AND the private articles from industry insiders where they give away priceless secrets intended for Elite members only.

Then there’s the selected extra BONUS courses I’ve just added …

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All That’s About
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Then deploy what you get … tweak some code … go wild and squeeze every penny you possibly can out of a Quantlabs Elite membership.

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The Hidden Costs Are

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Now let me make one last point, if I may …

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What unknown costs are you paying RIGHT NOW because you don’t know what the best traders are using against you every day?

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•You’re not objectively identifying and testing your best creative trading ideas

•You’re overlooking gaping opportunity and optimization holes you can’t see because you’re lacking the know-how to find and fix them

•You’re being exposed to risks which are very real even if they’re invisible right now

Plus … you might be getting cheated by corrupt brokers too! (I have exactly the solution to solve this)

Why put up with all that when …

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I’ve decided to include a free half hour (30 minute) consultation with myself (Bryan Downing) if you’re one of those first 50 members. There will be NO lame guests or pitches. It’s just you and me alone. We’ll focused on 100% practical stuff … and getting things done!

That means topics on quant development … trading development … model development … and strategy development. I’m well versed in all Microsoft .NET programming languages including C#, C++, and VB.NET. And of course I can also assist in MATLAB, Octave, R and Java too!

Plus I can help you install or configure whatever historical databases you need in MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server.

And I’m very experienced with all major Microsoft Windows operating systems including XP, Windows 7 and 8, Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2008 Server. Plus all major flavours of Linux.

In fact, we can talk about anything quant-related you want to know about. It’s totally up to you.

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P.P.S. I’ve just added a fantastic video tutorial to the Elite members area. It’s from a highly influential hedge fund manager (yes, a friend of mine) where he covers the KEY topics that make him extremely profitable. To the tune of millions of dollars per year!

You don’t want to miss this — it’s not available to the general public and never will be — the info’s that sensitive!