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No more Meetup video playbacks or third party presentations

No more Meetup video playbacks or third party presentations

A recent notification sent to my Youtube groups:

Hey all

Due to a recent and immature video takedown notice, I will no longer be posting video playbacks on my Youtube channel. I will no longer be supporting third party presentations for these Meetup groups. There are two articles posted on my blog because of this:



This was due to a recent Meetup we did last year. Don’t ask any further or speculate due to legal reasons. I know this sucks but I want preserve my Youtube channel at Youtube.com/quantlabs as is.

Thanks for your understanding


More reaction Q&A from people:

I just saw your post and I am sad to see that you have to take these measures.  I try to get to the web meetings but often I get called away during these times.  Perhaps I could suggest another outlet could be to post on Vimeo if that helps. I am afraid I do not have either facebook or twitter accounts as I keep a low profile and so it is not an option for me.

I wish you every success and the continuation of your very good work in helping up & coming quants.

Best regards from the land downunder

Thanks but I cannot put it on any further video outlet as they seem to have very trigger happy set of lawyers. We will always be around.

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