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Trend lines, resistance and supports

Trend lines, resistance and supports

In this article we will discuss about a widespread, well-known key element of technical analysis. Why do you think technical analysis especially some elements work so well for financial markets? Why do you think Fibonacci levels are usually strictly followed? Because thousands and billions of traders and computer programs for trading use these elements. This way everybody acts the same at the same time…

This is why we decided to present in the category of technical analysis, the most used and well-known methods of predicting financial evolution. These methods are easy to understand and are very efficient.

We will present you the trend lines. These lines can be support or resistance of a chart. We will also learn what they are and how can be drawn. We will give some examples of charts of S&P 500 e-mini and Dow and analyze how these charts could have been interpreted and used for a profitable trading day. Finally we will draw the conclusions.

Find the full article at: http://bit.ly/dLeYSu


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