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Math skills vs stage of life: Excel spreadsheet to python

Is this true? I think so if you ain’t programming. I have never seen anything as popular as thing. Must ring true if you end in a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel or even in python.

Most traders and analysts use spreadsheets such as Excel. It makes we wonder how useful they would be if they decided to go to Python.


Go to Python?

This may go somewhere. They even teach kids Python skills. Why are you not learning? This is especially true with your algorithmic/automated trading. We are wrapping up our live component  of this course this week.

Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency

As you know the pricing of this course will be going in up in about 1 week. I will keep discounts in place if you want to transact in crypto currency like Bitcoin.  Ask away how we set that up!!

Thanks Bryan

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