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2019 is the year for cryptocurrency with NEW real time signals

Remember the signals offer is now up but here is a response with my future activities below

Wow Bryan,

Absolutely, amazing!

Brilliant package. I am telling all my friends about Quantlabs..

Just waiting to save cash after the dental.

This is THE year!

Yes this past few days have been really good. I will be resetting my trading activity every day to track the results every 24 hours. The other old strategy is being worked on as well. I also plan to expand the signals into CFD and FX for Oanda data. That will be much more affordable through my Quant Analytics service.  Also, thanks for promoting the word on the site.

Here the severely limited time limit

Get Signals here

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Crypto Currency Real Time Trading Signals NOW Working with a dedicated email

After a night, this signal service is now running! I will be testing over the next few days to ensure it works. So far so good. If you are interested in this service, you can join by accessing to opt into the list. Go here

7 Sure Shot Way to Consistently Profit Thanks to Automated Trading

Moving on, understand here is the attributes and items you need as explained in this video:

1. Dedicated email

2. Mobile: Dedicated email app

3. Binance account-‚Üí trades

4. Serious 100-300 emails a days

5. Experimental ‚Üí 30 days allowing 10 people

6. NOT CHEAP for 30 days!!

I will be opening the shopping cart for this service. Note I will not take more than 10 people over the next week. It will be FULLY accessible to everything with a life time access to the new private/secure/anonymous chat server I setup! I will be giving loads a away.


Here are the other services available:

Quant Analytics

Live Python course

Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency


Introduction to Quant Elite Membership

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Real time Trading signals are coming soon via your dedicated email


This will be for serious folks onlt with 100-300 emails going out DAILY. I would STRONGLY recommend to get a dedicated email to not overwhelm yourself. Also, if you need mobile, try get a dedicated email mobile app for this. ALso, I am compiling an ‘early bird list’ for those interested. Once I open this up, it will be only available for 6 or 7 folks for 30 days. You will need to be ready to go via purchase to make it all happen. More details and video demos will come to get you ready for this NEW but experimental service.

This will focus on the Minute By Minute crypto currecncy trading strategy with daily average 90% win rate!

Facebook Live video

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Get Real time Trading signals for highly lucrative Bitcoin cryptocurrency bot


I have put together a new announcement for those who are wanting to get real time trading signals to this lucrative crypto currency bot. This is an experiment for the risk taking few. It will not be cheap nor free. This will only be for those that are serious about being successful in the future of money. We call it crypto currency and alternative coins.

You will get access to the new private/anonymous/secure trading secure chat as well for LIFE!

Interested in this? Click here to get put on the waiting list when I announce when ready\


I have a 4 minute Facebook live describing this here.

For this price, you will get access to 1 month of the ELITE service which include ALL my courses. You also get access to the current course underway for Python Algo trading. This ends third week of Feb.

More and more….

Watch the video here.

I think I need to stay away from posting these kind of returns since Thursday and yesterday, Sunday. Yes, it added a lot more today.


As you can imagine, I am getting skittish on posting any more of these so I may just focus on winning ratios from here on out. Yes, I will building out an equity curve and tear sheet for the performance.

I wonder why the capital allocators are coming to me now. I wonder. Hmm….

Could this be the near ending of the line for my educating y’all over the last near ten years? I wonder ? (I don’t think so but it does cross my mind over the last few weeks)


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New minute real time chart with BNB BTC moving big

It seems this pair of the Binance Coin against Bitcoin has been moving a lot lately. I even showed the new real time minute chart. That was flat to. At the moment, this is a close to realtime but really minute.

As for forex, there were the usual suspect but the Swiss Franc was the base quote for New Zealand, Australian, and Singapore. What is going on here outside of the timing ?

I am unsure about the CFD but gold was up there with Hong Kong 33 (HK 33)

More analytics still to come

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Close real time charting with Qt 5 Python and ChartDirector

This is minute timeframe which is pretty close to real time. I will be teaching and improving this script in my upcoming LIVE Python intake. Sign up here below on a super discount!!

Yes in Python with simplicity!

To me this a game changer don’t you think?? Do remember that I have found a way to run Qt 5 Designer with Python in the last posting on this blog.

Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency



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New combined parameters to use for optimal real time crypto currency pairs

Lots of parameters I am using to combine proper trading decisions for optimal profit return. I am showcasing the combination of this for highest returns when position are entered. This is important to watch to understand you cannot depend on one or two indicators. You may wonder why folks are losing money left and right. There are so many false positives out there for bad positions to go bad. Do understand these parameters can be used universally for all major asset classes. This includes crypto currency with Binance Exchange for my needs. Also, I am using Python to create these but I am starting to hit limitations with it.


Remember this is to kept simple. This includes technical analysis since it seems to work ok versus other analytics techniques I tried.


Chart Director trading 38 min video added to Python 3 quant elite course

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Real time P&L algo automated forex trading lesson

Big whale profit algo automated forex trading lesson

Who knew? You make a 43 minute video and you teach yourself certain lessons. It seems the velocity of negative ¬†real time P&L (from the broker) can be a potential guarantee to see if you have a unprofitable trade against you. Check this video to ¬†see a potentially big whale position version others that go negative. It seems shorts have a higher profitability that goes against me. Also, ensure that your broker gives the REAL TIME P&L after you put your position on (entry) to track this. This video also shows on how debugging and logging the evolutions of these positions can help in tracking. I don’t think many brokers offer real time P&L nor proper trading APIs.

One  thing after conversation with someone who has experience with Dukascopy JForex is how the API has lots of detailed metrics with indicators. Not only, it is agreed that the OOP nature the API works to your advantage as compared to Interactive Brokers or LMAX.

get all the cheap Dukascopy courses here https://quantlabs.store


Minimize loss with linear regression for algo forex trading

#1 goal in forex trading is not to lose money but profit is 2nd

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What defines strength of forex trading in real time

What defines strength of forex trading in real time

This was a question i asked online to my groups

What does the phrase a particular CURRNECY strengthen? What sort of indicator or math are at work here? Give me the details.

Here are 2 highly valuable responses I got: (BIG THANKS TO THEM FOR ANSWERING)

Hi Bryan,

You asked about individual currency strengths in the FX market and how they are calculated. There are different types (relative and absolute) and many different ways to calculate them, but I’ll give you a very simple example of absolute currency strength.

I’m sure you’re aware that rate-of-change (ROC) is essentially just the percentage move. Let’s say we are trying to calculate the absolute strength of USD:

  • First we decide on a basket of currency pairs that include USD. For example; EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDCHF. In reality you would consider more than 3 pairs, but I’ll keep it simple for the sake of illustration.
  • Then measure the ROC over some time period, e.g. the past week. That is, take each of our 3 currency pairs and calculate the percentage move over the last week. This could yield 1.1%, -0.4% and 0.9%. Note however that USD is the quote currency in EURUSD and GBPUSD, but is the base currency in USDCHF. This means that we have to invert the ROC values for EURUSD and GBPUSD (since an increase EURUSD or GBPUSD implies a devaluation in USD relative to EUR or GBP, respectively). So the final values are -1.1%, 0.4% and 0.9%.
  • Then take the average: (-1.1+0.4+0.9) / 3 = 0.066%.
  • There we have it, the absolute strength of USD. It can be interpreted as the average move for the past week compared to the other currencies in the basket (EUR, GBP and CHF). So in this example, USD slightly outperformed.

As I said above, this is just a very simple example. In reality you’ll use many more pairs in the basket, you’d calculate the absolute strength for each currency (not just USD) so that you can compare them, you could repeat the analysis for a variety of time periods and you may want to plot the strengths as time series in order to analyse the relationships between the individual currencies. You can also use bounded oscillators such as RSI in order to compute relative strength, and some people advocate the use of the geometric average as opposed to the arithmetic average, or even weighting each currency according to the daily traded volume (a 2% increase in EURGBP is more significant than a 2% increase in EURMXN, for example).

There’s a huge amount of information regarding this topic online, but here’s how it might look once everything has been computed:


As you can see, it offers great insight into how the individual currencies have been/are behaving, something that is not immediately obvious when examining the data of single currency pairs in isolation. In this image, you can see that EUR has been the best performing currency during the past year, and that JPY has been the worst. Hence if you’re a momentum trader you should be looking to go long EURJPY, and if you’re a mean-reversion trader you should be looking to short EURJPY.¬†

Happy trading!



Hi B, you can use an index for a particular currency to see whether it strengthen or not. E.g. for USD it is DXY. And as all indexes, it is calculated from a basket of assests. In this case it is the basket of currency pairs which is weighted according¬†to its daily traded turnover. You can create your own for every currency out there and to weight it with data from either Bank for International Settlements’ FX Survey 2016 or by a turnover on futures currency market on CME. Then you can play with these values and e.g. add it to 100% scale.

I like to watch the past month particular currency strength and its strength developmnet in this period. U can see the most weakest and the most strength currencies. So you can trade them this way weakest/strength. But as I said it is good to look at the development and as you can see on the pic e.g. USD it is the 3rd most strength currency over the last month, but it is slowly loosing the steam of breaking the highest high point here.



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Real time trading analysis response with Machine Learning

Real time trading analysis response with Machine Learning

See below for the original email that started this response from one of my newsletter members:

I recall that you were asking about the GP that generate code. There are a few out there and one such example is Adaptrade Builder at http://www.adaptrade.com/  (disclaimer: I own this one and use it myself). Adaptrade Builder generates code in the following scripting languages: EasyLanguage (for TradeStation and MultiCharts), NinjaScript (NinjaTrader 7), MQL4 (MetaTrader 4), and AFL (AmiBroker). If you want to translate the code for another platform, the strategy code generated by Builder is open and commented. In addition, the elements of the strategy logic are listed in the Build Report, although the best and most complete way to understand the strategy logic is to examine the generated strategy code.


–> I have never been a fan of these black box technologies

Others are




Neuroshell Daytrader (neuroshell.com)

Chaoshunter (chaoshunter.com)

Discipulus 5 (rmltech.com)

GeneXProTools (www.gepsoft.com)


I think the second point you asked about  is that yes I do use Scikit-learn and the various machine learning packages for data analysis including inference, modelling (prediction), and Bayesian approaches.


–> I believe SciKit is the smaller Machine Learning library compare to the more advanced ones like TensorFLow or Karas (I am also new to this ML stuff)

For machine learning you are often confronted with a large n

umber of features and the question as to which set of features are most significant. For this you use Principal Component Analysis for dimension reduction, (sometimes called Eigenanalysis) where you use a statistical procedure using an orthogonal transformation to convert a set of observations of possibly correlated variables into a set of values of linearly uncorrelated variables called Principal Components. The first principal component has the largest possible variance (that is, accounts for as much of the variability in the data as possible). This transformation is defined in such a way that the first principal component has the largest possible variance (that is, accounts for as much of the

variability in the data as possible), and each succeeding component in turn has the highest variance possible under the constraint that it is orthogonal (always at right angles) to the preceding components. The resulting vectors are an uncorrelated orthogonal basis set. PCA is used as an exploratory tool in data analysis and for making predictive models.

–> I keep hearing about these component and factors used

From Scikit-Learn we use the various machine learning algorithms, eg Support Vector Machine, Linear Discriminant analysis, Ada Boost etc… ¬†via a set of randomized tests (test & train), and feed the results into a confusion matrix and ¬†test the model prediction (actual vs. predicted). The constant consideration is that these machine learning tools are designed to deal with stationary data, whereas time series data is non-stationary. So stationarity of data is huge part of your analysis if you want good models.


Here is an example of an open source project where you can automate your Machine Learning in Python with TPOT and Genetic Algorithms.







¬†–> Good to know all of the above!!!

Real time trading analysis in Redis 4 with Lua Torch machine learning ?


I created this video in response

What about bonds? You briefly mentioned treasury bonds, but didn’t include them on your list. I’m particularly interested in first world countries that have an interest rate higher than many third world countries i.e Portugal. Moreover, I code in Java. It’s not as efficient as C++, but it’s quicker to code, because it’s a more conceptual language. The time saved in creating the code with Java is worth more than the efficiency gained with less memory used with optimized C++ code in most cases. Conditions in the market are constantly changing. An algorithm that worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. The slower coding of C++ may not be able to keep up with a changing market. In contrast, Java can allow one to more quickly adapt their strategy. What would be best is to create multiple programs for different types of markets. I like to think of them as different personalities. Perhaps what’s most important though, is an understanding of Bayesian math. That is, new data is constantly affecting probability. The Monty Hall problem is the most well known example of Bayesian math. Indeed, it’s Bayesian math more than anything which helps one understand why Java is better programming language than C++ in most cases.

I made video response to this Youtube comment


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