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Reflection of Quantcon 2017

Reflection of Quantcon 2017

I never have gone to one nor will. I believe I need to bone up in so many areas before i venture to one of these things.



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Most popular 2016 Quantcon videos from Quantopian


Popular 2016 Quantcon videos from Quantopian

Here is a selection of some popular released videos from Quantcon 2016 which is sponsored by Quantopian. Even though they are both a trading platform, trading education and so on, I know they are also hoping to generate alpha as an alternative hedge fund. I have not heard any public recent performance metrics on this alternative fund. Also, one of the videos I list from the founder will offer 10% of trading profit for your IP algo you provide to their trading strategy arsenal. Good luck with that but Quantcon sounds worthy to attend though. Who’s going this year?

Here are those popular videos

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Overview walkthrough of Quant Courses and Analytics Service

Brand new where you can get details here

Courses and analytic service here

(A new video was recorded)


I finally have created some videos on the Courses and new Quant Analytics.

Check them out:

New Analytics Service:

Once big take-away is the low risk intro to the service. I offer $5 2 days trials before joining.

Introducing our new Quant Analytics Service overview

This walkthrough the new dashboard with chat room for new members to exploit our trading systems chart/data generation

Brand new where you can get details here


Note my $5 trial for 48 hours TRIAL of this

BIGGEST NOTE OF ALL: I still need to populate the service starting next week!


Thanks Bryan

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Latest news from Quantcon QuantStart Quantopian

Latest news from QuantStart QuantCon Quantopian

Quite a few people sent this email to me after the most recent Quantcon in New York City a few weeks ago. It sounds like the top developers in Quant that got together to put on a fabulous conference on the topics of Quant and Python.


Here were the latest details highlights


Now I’ve only been working with Python for four months so I would not call myself an expert. A few of my members have complained about Python packages that are not working including IBPY for their live trading account. I kind of knew of these restrictions going into learning Python so I’ve diversified my knowledge of C, C++, and Java over the decades. If you go to any of the online programming indices, you’ll find that these languages are the most popular. Anything else is really noise at this point. If you decide to work on any upcoming language that really has not proven itself including languages like Haskell Google Go, Julia, etc. etc. you’ll quickly realize you may hit a wall after spending many months trying to develop an automated trading system. From my perspective, you’re better off to stick with the mainstream proven enterprise-level languages.


Even though my most recent “Independent Algo Trading Business Course Series in Python” is important to know, it is really meant for newbies trying to get into this daunting world of automated trading. When done right, you could quickly realize the full benefits of the efforts. This course was typically designed for 75% of the newbies that come into my community but are still driven to learn about how these topics can radically change their life permanently.


The other problem I’m finding are the strategies that are chosen by many retail traders who get blown out within 90 days. I even asked a seasoned trader about the 90/90/90 rule which says 90% of traders will lose 90% of their money within 90 days. This seasoned trader never even heard of it. Most learn off the Internet’s free subpar resources that lead them into this popular 90/90/90 club. What they don’t realize is that if you follow the philosophies of what hedge funds, investment bank prop shops and pension funds are doing, you’ll be blown out fairly quickly. Thankfully I’m quickly learning that these institutions use fundamental drivers for their massive revenue that you never hear about. These fundamental news items are peppered throughout major news outlets but are widely ignored by the mediocre performing retail traders. Some of them actually even have PhD’s.

What is the point of all this?


If you follow what I’m doing I’m pretty confident that I will be reporting some good trading results later in the year. The other big benefit is I’ll be using my own software solutions I develop myself that will lead me onto this path.



This is why I built my highly affordable Quant Elite Membership  


Thanks for reading



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Latest news from QuantStart QuantCon Quantopian

Latest news from QuantStart QuantCon Quantopian

People kept send me this so it is for sure noteworthy:
This is a quick update to let you know what has been happening in the last few months, as it has been an exciting time behind the scenes of the site.
Firstly, I spoke at the Quantopian QuantCon conference in New York last week. The conference was absolutely fantastic, with a brilliant speaker line-up and many fascinating talks. It was great to finally meet many of the QuantStart community in person and I believe everybody had a fun time.
I want to thank John “Fawce” Fawcett, Kelly Elstrom and Thomas Wiecki in particular, as well as the rest of the Quantopian team and the volunteers that helped make the event really special. Emmanuel Derman and Manoj Narang put on exceptional keynote talks, and I also thoroughly enjoyed Andreas Clenow’s primate-themed discussion!
Secondly, I wanted to update you about the current state of the new Advanced Algorithmic Trading book. Originally my goal with the book was to emphasise a good number of trading strategies using simpler, vectorised or “for-loop” style backtests in Python and R. However, I soon realised that the transaction costs associated with many of them would dramatically change the profitability of the strategies.
Hence I decided in order to allow a much more “real world” assessment of the strategies/portfolios described in the book, that I would work hard to get QSTrader, the open-source backtesting and live trading framework that I’ve started, to a point that the strategies in the book could be tested to a much higher degree of realism.
While it has meant that the book has taken a little longer to write, it does mean that the results associated with the strategies will be far closer to what will be experienced in live trading, which is ultimately what we all care about!
I’m going to be making a partial update to the book within the next week (and I’ll email again when I do), which will contain some new content as well as discussion on the new backtesting system. In time, you will be able to use QSTrader and the strategies within the book to construct some realistic backtesting and live trading implementations.
I’d also like to mention that I’m beginning to see some great contributions to QSTrader, through Github, and if you want to contribute, then feel free to jump over to the QSTrader Github issues list and start suggesting improvements and/or submit pull requests.


NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!