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6 day intensive quantative course

6-day intensive quant course

This is the first paragraph of the course I got:

This 6-day intense course taught by Attilio Meucci provides broad picture and in-depth understanding of quantitative risk management and quantitative portfolio management for Asset Management, Banking, and Insurance, from instrument to enterprise risk level.

I would recommend the book from Attilio Meucci if you want to learn about risk and portfolio analysis.

I also was impressed on some of the commentary on my Facebook group.
Here are the details on this course

I also have enabled the new pricing for the courses that was part of my Quant ELITE membership.

Welcome and Choose A Course Below to Proceed

Here is the main product page to link you the following courses.

Algo Trading Components in Python

High level components for algorithmic trading systems. Source code walk-through and videos included.

Futures Options Strategy Overview

Fundamental analysis for all commodities, metal, financial, and currencies in futures and options asset classes.

Interactive Brokers API Workshop

Interactive Brokers API workshop with C++, Java, and Python demos. Source code included.

Pick one to learn!

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