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Is Bitcoin Cash the only crypto currency that matters


I did another analysis for today. I went through to verify if this BCH BNB was the right for the pick for today. It might be but  I will follow up with results tomorrow so stay tuned.  I also list indicators in the videos below as people have been asking about.

I demonstrate the various mix of crypto currency pairs which can be quite optimal. If you look at the other short videos, it seems you could have doubled your positions in a little over a week. It just depends on your entry while it was in an range bound for a week.


Others have been asking what indicators I use so this fully showcases which ones I use. If you watch the other watchlist and position manager video, you can see which indicators I use for that scenario.

Now the videos

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How one Candlestick Wick in #bch could have gotten you an extra 25% with automation. I show this to my latest # Facebook Live video on quantlabsnet page #cryptocurrency #bitcoin

You could have doubled if you had the right automation. Check out the charts here

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