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FINAL NOTICE for your DISCOUNTED lowest rates you will EVER get for this Quant ELITE Membership

FINAL NOTICE for your DISCOUNTED lowest rates you will EVER get for this Quant ELITE Membership

You’ve got until midnight to get QUANT ELITE FULL SERVICE MEMBERSHIP.


That’s 50 % off the normal price when include my 12 months of the Quant Analytics at $97/month!


It’s all part of Summer Sale Week and you can get it here, now.




I’m also giving you 2 ALGO Trading with Source Code COURSES for FREE!


Here’s what that will do for you:


Learn all the REQUIRED algo/automated trading components for a system to secure your future

Video walkthroughs including 2 previously recorded workshop session of 7+ hours to answer participant questions

Python Source Code  for the above primitive system.

This is regularly priced at $497




Because on top of that, you’re also getting Interactive Brokers API Workshop for free as well!


Here’s what that will do for you:


Dozens of source code demos and walkthroughs to help implement various automated trading systems

Sample coding of various trading strategies including our weekly analysis on futures/options

Current week of 3 Interactive Brokers API workshops LIVE. I also include Dukascopy demos for anyone interested in automatically trading micro forex accounts as well!
Regular price is $497


These two bonuses are yours FREE when you claim your copy of Quant ELITE Membership with $1400 savings! 


You can get it all here!


You know, if you added all these up, they’d normally cost $1000


But you’re getting everything for just $1397 + 12 months of my Quant Analytics Service as well. Each month is currently $97.

This current monthly rate will substantially grow over the next few months!





This offer expires TONIGHT at midnight.


No exceptions.


So if you want to save a bundle on Quant ELITE Membership and get 2 SECRET VIDEOS with Source Code and Interactive Brokers API Workshop free, go here now before it’s all over!


Talk soon,


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