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Ever use this OpenHFT open source Java project?

Ever use this Open HFT open source Java project?

Don’t hate me as I just discovered this last nite. When I listened to one of the videos in the link below,  I was stunned by the performance yet ingenious simple to use architecture and implementation. It got me thinking that maybe I need to revisit what I have done over the last year. As a result I am about to go through a discovery process of this newly found framework. If you look at the testimonials for this site, you will find when Redis NOSQL was used, it “severely limited performance” due to TCPIP connections.I quote this because I always thought Redis was the answer. It sounds like I was wrong until I came across this framework.

If you replace everything  with this framework potentially, it should enhance the performance even more!! From my point of view, I only want to do this end target trading system right once. As a result, I am looking at replacing everything with this thing in coming days. Just poke around with the videos and links to let me know what you think. More importantly, if you have used this framework, let me know your opinions of it. If not, let me know what you think of it or the potential of it.

Just always remember that nothing is ever final until you start live trading with real money!

Go here to see the videos and links I mention

Today is the day I pull my Interactive Brokers API workshop.  This will disappear for a while but will come back as a standalone expensive course that I will release which coincides with the release of my new Analytics service in a couple of months.

I will be eventually  be pulling my Python Infrastructure Building Blocks course as well. This focuses on introducing you to how to build a primitive algo  trading system. I am not sure on the hard date yet I will be removing this as well. As for now, it is part of my Quant Elite service which will also get closed down permanently as I move everything into the new Analytics service for 2017.


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