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My Demo of MATLAB 2013b with Interactive Brokers TWS for submitting market orders

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As usual, bigger developments keep happening here. This week was no exception as I have done two very powerful demos with Interactive Brokers and Matlab 2013b running together.

Demo of MATLAB 2013b with Interactive Brokers TWS for submitting market orders – See more at: https://quantlabs.net/blog/2013/10/demo-of-matlab-2013b-with-interactive-brokers-tws-for-submitting-market-orders/#sthash.FxMtXxLS.dpuf

Demos of Matlab with Interactive Brokers TWS historical data and streaming real time market stock data – See more at: https://quantlabs.net/blog/2013/10/demos-of-matlab-with-interactive-brokers-tws-historical-data-and-streaming-real-time-market-stock-data/#sthash.mOx4jdIW.dpuf

These will have a major positive impact for my QuantLabs.net Premium Members! First, I will be able to develop standalone applications for my members. This includes easily creating monitoring for my open positions within the Interactive Brokers TWS  as well as quick market snapshots using their data access, etc. Did I mention you will not need Matlab for all these as they will be standalone applications supplied for FREE as part of my membership?  This gives more reasons why I will be removing public access to it! This is easily the most exciting development in years!


Also, there are 2 more days for the onetime LIVE event  where I will be talking about new automated trading systems components with the London Quant. We will be fielding all questions so maybe the London Quant will reveal some juicy secrets about his highly profitable system. I mean 8 digit profitable. There is nothing out there like this that I have seen. It  is an extremely rare glimpse into one of the most successful trading firms out of the UK but yet unknown . He likes to keep it that way no different than all the other hedge fund/prop shop types. Most successful operators like to keep a very very low profile. We all knew that right?

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