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Only HOT bitcoin Ethereum is profitable crypto currency today. LAToken anyone?

As Bitcoin ETFs proposed were rejected, it has killed off the performance of price from $8000+ to 6000+ this week. All other coins were crushed today according to Coin Market Cap. I consider this a great day to test this strategy with a backup one I came up last week. The combo worked since i found a coin that profitable. It was traded on Binance as well. This is all explained in the video below.

LAToken anyone for ICO?

Note that this coin is listed on LAToken as well which I have suddenly become interested. As I mentioned ICOs is another interesting space,  I wonder if this exchange is worth investigating since they list quite a few upcoming coins. Some of the moves can be huge but as I say, it is no different than penny stocks. This is dangerous stuff as you can imagine. When you start from nothing, there is virtually little risk.

LAToken API access sucks according  to their Guthub repository. They do not offer Python nor any valid English documentation. I just realized that started taking Bitcoin deposits a few a weeks ago as well. Who knows what the future holds for this exchange ? They got a lot of improving to get to in order for me to be attracted. Think of all the neat improvements that Binance has offered over the last year.

I am coming down to the last few days of public access for these reports I am showing. I will not be so generous as it will all be put behind my firewall called Quant Analytics with details below.

Quant Analytics


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