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LAST CALL: Venture Financing&FinTech Annual Forum in LA

LAST CALL: Venture Financing&FinTech Annual Forum in LA
From Dr Paul Cottrell who is speaking at this
Please post. I will be on the 12:10 panel.  Maybe some of your subscribers in California can attend.
We have just a few slots left for our upcoming Los Angeles – based 4th annual forum on alternative venture financing and fintech, which is set to be next Friday November 6th  
@ Century Plaza Hotel. Please RSVP HERE.  http://metropoleglobal.com/register/
I hope you will not miss this unique opportunity to interact directly with fintech innovators, next generation financiers, some of the most active investors and authorities who are on top of an ever-changing regulatory landscape.
We will present a truly striking line-up of speakers, certainly some of the most forward-thinking companies that are our partners and sponsors and we are proud to attract truly innovative companies that will be in attendance.
You can review the agenda and details HERE
Snapshot of the PROGRAM:
08:00 am – 08:45 am: Check-In/Morning Networking
08:45 am – 09:00 am: Welcome by MC and Opening Remarks by David Weild  –  Chairman & CEO at Weild & Co, former Vice Chairman of NASDAQ and “the Father” of the JOBS Act
9:00 am – 10:00 am: JOBS Act in Progress
10:00 am – 11:00 am: Equity Crowdfunding & Reg A+ Platforms
11:15 am – 12:10 pm:  Online P2P Lending, Crowd-Servicing and FinTech Impact
12:10 pm – 12:50 pm: The Future of Finance: Alternative Currencies & Artificial Intelligence
1:45 am – 2:00 pm: Revenue Royalties as an Alternative to Debt and Equity
TED style presentation by Arthur Lipper, world renowned financier and  a Wall Street legend, author, inventor, and philanthropist
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm: Alternative Financing Programs by the Government and Corporations
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm: Angel Investors Panel
4:10 pm – 5:00 pm: Venture Capitalists Panel
5:00 pm – 5:50 pm: Hollywood Financing Panel
5:50 pm – 6:00 pm:  Closing Remarks
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm: Private Cocktail Reception sponsored
by our PLATINUM sponsor NextGenCrowdfudning.com
Participating companies and organizations include:  NextGenCrowdfunding.com, ASMX
(the first Entrepreneur’s Stock Exchange), BreakAwayFunding.com, Kiva.org, Homeier & Law,
OTC Markets Group (OTCMKTS: OTCM), Guzik & Associates, Equities.com, ClearTrust, Allegiancy, StartEngine.com, Thunderbo.lt, FundAthena.com, SeedEquityPartners.com, CrowdServe.com, PitchBook.com, TradeUp.com, Clearstone Venture Partners, Focus Investments, RexRoyalties.com, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, DARPA, Golden Seeds, Tech Coast Angels,  Angel Investors Network, BootstrapLabs,   California Capital Partners, HOTVentures, Space Angels Network, KCETLink, Slated.com, BAFTA, Rock.com,  NumberWise.net, Charles Schwab Corporation, Innovative NeuroTechnologies, TCW, Consulate General of Canada (LA), Consulate General of Argentina (LA), BitAngels, Envision Strategy,
Folio Institutional, PeerSpring.com, BestBankOption.com, Avant.com, Capital InVentures, TriNet, Ernst & Young, LAVA and many others.
We offer a unique collection of topics, a “pitch-free” knowledge-based environment and a highly interactive format so think  of it as an exclusive informational “boot camp” on modern venture financing – mixed with an invaluable networking opportunity sweetened up by a cocktail party at the end.
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