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Quant Goddess Says Global Funds Will not Beat Her in China

Meet the Goddess of Quant. She has some big claims but uses enhanced index funds. They are controversial.

Also, one comment on Facebook came in. The person the global funds may not beat her, but the God of Quant could

Find out why here



Fibonacci levels highly accurate for entry exit target with Bitcoin

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2019)

This is crazy on this accuracy of peaking or breaking through, or even touching on these Fibonacci Retracement levels. This is all explained in the 31 minute video. I can see why people may rely exclusively on this indicator. Just remember I am maintaining those ways on how to get on the watch list. This includes most potential with Bitcoin!



I will be posting details on a webinar this Monday on this topic! Keep your eyes open for the email or blog post.

If this works out , I am sure this could generate signals for my revamped Analytics service. Oh! Did I say I will be raising from the lowest price of $47 per month!





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