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Book found helpful for the basics of neural networks with python API

There were some decent resources recommended to further expand your knowledge in the math behind neural networks. This includes some reference to a Python API as well. I found was useful as well but these will further expand the explanation of the under hood math concepts


Kraken advantages with Cryptowatch and Python API


These included:

Allow stop loss and take profit

Cryptowatch platform is owned by Kraken

Cryptowatch has a Python  API

Trade in fiat currency once you move to the intermediate level


See further helpful reasons to be on Kraken as well here


As I continue to press, without my Python Infrastructure framework course, I highly doubt I would be able to rebuild a new bot for a new exchange like Kraken. It is fast and I hope to show it soon.

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Thanks Bryan

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Found: One open-source trading platform for HFT!

Hi there,
Over the last few days, I’ve been scouring the Internet for open source trading platforms suitable for high-frequency trading.

And I think I’ve just found it, too!

I came across an amazing open-source trading platform written in .NET. It’s very fast and truly open source at the core. And after comparing exhaustively against other open source platforms in C++, Java or Linux based, the competition simply didn’t make the grade.

* Far too many open-source trading platforms have archaic documentation or lack Quickstart tutorials.

* They’re also full of runtime and compiler errors which results in many wasted hours spent debugging.

* It also becomes a pain to configure these open source applications. Some are even abandoned … so why waste your time?

But this platform has been downloaded 18,000 times and offers optional paid components for responsive (but affordable) support compared to other platforms like Marketcetera.

It also features subscription-based models for some really productive tools including a strategy builder … bridging capabilities to analytical software like R or Matlab … and quick and dirty fundamental analysis.

This platform can be easily be used for high-frequency trading purposes. It also:

* scales for multiple market data connections and execution broker order-taking connections through various brokers or exchange gateways

* comes configurable with many out-of-the-box trading brokers including all the majors (including my favorite Interactive Brokers)

* works flawlessly “out of the box” with data providers (including my choice of IQFeed)

This is one excellent high frequency trading platform. I highly encourage people to use it for their own strategy development.

In fact, I was so impressed that I developed an entire video course on how to easily build this platform and also integrate it with Matlab. I’ve explained everything you need in straight-to-the-point lessons available for Platinum Members.

— > Get immediate access here. <–

Membership Benefits here.

Good trading,
Quantlabs.net Editor
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NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!