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live streaming on financial independence no more on Youtube Instagram or Facebook

Hello to all, this is a vital message that you should all be aware of. I did three videos today on YouTube while live streaming on topics (eg. financial independence) including:

Gold sucks as an investment
How taxation is a crime against your financial independence
You cannot rely on government to take care of you when you retire in later ages as 80+ years.

None of these video topics or content promoted hate nor violence. It did not go deep into any political party or affiliation. It just seems that you are not able to be freethinking and have liberty in your choices of expression or opinion.
My videos are on these topics were removed from YouTube without warning or any strikes against my 8+ year channel.
These videos were starting to gain traction, These videos and live streaming Were removed without notice.
I think all properties of Facebook and Google disable our ability to be free thinking and have financial independence. I have looked at other alternatives where there is no such censorship.
In this wacky world of 2020, I have pretty well decided to remove myself from these technical overlords. I am looking at alternative YouTube hosting at bitchute for video and parler for social. I know I trashed One of these sites in the last few weeks but I have no alternative.
I have recently removed myself from windows since the telemetry was off the hook. The first updates did not help in the trust I had with Microsoft.
I am now feeling free of any Tracking found on windows but found liberty in open source
Mint Linux.
This is a note for you to take heed on what is going on out there on social media land and even on your computer desktop or phone. It is pretty alarming when you think about it.
Being on any form of technology from also of Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple are very dangerous to be on. If you choose to use any of these products or services, you are being tracked and monitored for what you say. If you also run a business depending on these companies, you are leaving yourself to a very vulnerable situation.

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P.S. Here are some of the alternative platform I am looking at:

Parler at @Quantlabs

Discord is being set up and configured in coming days to dump WhatsApp chat group

Youtube library can be ported over completely to LBRY. That is what I hear.

I don’t think you will be finding me engage any more on Facebook properties or Google including Youtube. I also don;t even trust with Applie on Iphone or new Macs. More to come if people are interested.

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!