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DayCount/360 Quant iPhone app is now on Apple's iTunes

DayCount/360 Quant iPhone app is now on Apple’s iTunes

This is the most powerful financial day count application available for this platform. It has extensive daycount conventions, schedule building capabilities and date tracking. Emphasis is in the financial world, but widely applicable in other fields.


Day Counting Capabilities
* Date calculations
* Keep track of unlimited dates or schedules from or to an event. Time range is from 1901 to 2199.
* Color coding of different types of schedules/dates.

Financial Capabilities
* Financial calendars from over 40 markets worldwide, including US, European, Asian markets.
Date adjustments for business days.
* Can join calendars from different markets, for cross market trading.
* Daycount conventions, including 30/360 (US, European, Eurobond),
Actual/Actual (ISDA, ISMA, Bond, Historical) …
* Schedule maker for periods including semiannually, quarterly, monthly etc…

Other Capabilities
* Email capabilities.
* Ordinal (Julian) dates, Excel serial dates.

and more …..

Examples of DayCount/360 uses:

– Bond schedules
– Option expiry dates
– Loans
– Birthdays
– Days/years since an event
– Days/years to an even


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