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Completed code generation of Matlab Simulink trading model to C++ to Microsoft Visual Studio

Hi there
I have some great news to report. I can universally create a  C++ DLL from Matlab Simulink model via the Simulink Coder toolbox’s code generation process.
I may look at another price increase to another modest QuantLabs.net Premium Membership increase.
I have various videos and postings on it:
1. Youtube video on Matlab Simulink converted to C++ successfully with real time market data analytics for HFT potential
2. Big news! Microsoft Visual Studio .NET C# application example that can read a Matlab Simulink code generated from C++ DLL
3. Posted Important examples of .NET C# testing examples to call Simulink code generated C++ DLLs with further details
Next step is to build the inflow component which includes the process of feeding real time market data into this new C++ DLL model.  This will be built using .NET’s C# language to get this system to market rapidly. Did I say that the C++ model also includes the real time analytics? Stay tuned as I report back on this.
Once all these steps are complete and everything will be provided including the Simulink model and all source code, you can expect a modest price increase into QuantLabs.net Premium Membeship.
Thanks Bryan
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