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Wilmott.com and Career Cup will save you with tough Bloomberg job interview for C+

Wilmott.com and Career Cup will save you with tough Bloomberg job interview for C++
All in all, you better bone up on your C++ to a level of mastery. As said, using the combination of Career Cup and Wilmotts will help guide you. If you are trying to get into a C++ position, you better know it like the back of your hand. Know all the ins and outs of it. Don`t just do a Google search on something and leave it at that. These interviews are very clever at testing your level of knowledge to distinguish if it is bulsh*t factor not. Understand whatever concept throughout end to end. I am not kidding when these interviewers drill you on your level of knowledge.
You better invest the hard and very long ( I mean very long hours) prepping for these advanced interviews. If you don`t, Bloomberg`s interviewers will call you out if you cannot back up your claims of knowledge. In my case, I list STL but I knew the interview would really screw my heard with detailed questions on iterators or adapters like stacks. I just said I kept it basic. I would rather say I don`t have enough knowledge as opposed to getting dragged along the coals because I did not have intimate knowledge on something like from within STL. Again if you list it on your resume, make sure you can back it up in very low levels of detail. All I can say is yikes.
As for me, I was told someone will be in touch. I don`t know what that means if I was still rejected or I am moving ahead into further interviews or what now is becoming Gestapo level interrogations. All I know, I never got a call back from Morgan Stanley but however that is another story.
Another tip is try to use a recruiter for these types of roles. Because I went direct with Morgan Stanley, they seem to never call back when they leave messages. With recruiters (like in my case at Bloomberg), it seems it is very helpful to have someone advocate for me with the direct hiring managers. It kind of helps things along and keeps me posted without stressing why some HR person from a big bank in New York never calls back. It could be a second interview for all I know.

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