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Airbnb internal hedge fund that makes $5M per month?

Airbnb internal hedge fund that makes $5M per month?

So an internal hedge fund recuses the cash flow of this startup barely making any profit. Here are some article highlights:

The side project represented 30 percent of the company’s cash flow last year and made about $5 million a month for Airbnb,…

Airbnb’s earnings before interest, taxes, and other expenses came to $93 million, more than double the company’s …

 Bloomberg’s sources are correct, then as much as $60 million of that may have come from Tosi’s hedge fund. Investing a company’s cash isn’t unusual.


As for my strategy and recent videos I have posted on technical indicators, I am thinking of scrapping it to work on a new more efficient one for better tracking potential forex opportunities. Keeps your eyes peeled on this.

Thanks Bryan

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