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Here are mu answers:

Find best performing crypto coins after recent rise:



Crypto heatmap (google search it)

New ETF Screener: Product -> Screener -> sort by high performer by week month etc

Community with commenters -> show editor pick badge which gets exposed to thousand of viewer




Watch live streams, ideas even with video, etc.


Unique Data scans from Institutions like LME (search LME everything)

(or search International Currency Exchange) e.g. EURUSD 1 second (who else offers that??)

Same with CME for BTCUSD (1 second)

Strange behavior in treasury ETFs via my custom external scanning

Shorting treasury? TBT TYO TBF

Performing Currency: YCS (short yen)

Treasury < 1yr: GBIL

Agriculture ? TILL  TAGS

It runs 24/7 with stable connection no matter how you connect through a browser, Desktop app, or mobile app

Also has critical Linux support

Connects to many popular live brokers/exchanges like IBKR FXCM Oanda AMP Futures Optimus Futures, Binance, Bitstamp, TradeStation


Auto Trading Strategies  written in Pine script

100000+ open source strategies and indicators


Show BTCUSD Greedy Strategy with results

This could could run 24/7 but you do manual trading with alerts which are delivered by email, SMS, in app, or web hook.

I have a custom solution I cannot speak about here



NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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As you know with the crazy restrictive emergency laws being introduced in the last week, many moving their savings out of FIAT banks into cryptocurrency trading.

Here are some questions to get your started:

  • Create your own ‘bank’ anonymously with crypto
  • In the future, draw off your crypto saving with a Visa debit card
  • Trade using a European de-central exchange to trade perpetual contracts and other high performing coins
(All your info is kept private nor released!  Don’t forget to check to click your promo or spam inbox after the confirmation email is sent) 

Create your own  PRIVATE Bank