List all formulas in a helpful Excel spreadsheet on a separate worksheet

List all formulas in a helpful Excel workbook on a separate worksheet I have found an Excel macro or VBA coded up project that can reveal all formulas in all worksheets. You may find this helpful when studying number crunching spreadsheets. Click here For Spreadsheet Details No longer want to receive these emails? Unsubscribe. […]

Integrating Excel Spreadsheets in Python

I started looking at how Python can read Microsoft Excel worksheet. It seems to be pretty easy with this Python package. Here are these articles I speak of. When I posted another story in my Facebook programming group, it seems an educational post got this response: Good article. I’ve been really pushing Python in the […]

Working with Excel Spreadsheets in Python

If you need to read data from Excel to Python check this out Get some trading books Get an algo trading DVD NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don’t worry as I don’t post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

Calculate PnL from Binance order history spreadsheet

You can find the Binance Order History spreadsheet under your Binance profile…. QUANT ELITE DEADLINE SET THIS MON NOV 4 I have set the reduction of the 3 year term to 2 year for this membership. Interested in this, please enroll here if interested  Calculate PnL from Binance order history spreadsheet You can find the Binance Order History […]

Latest deep analysis of current cryptocurrency market signals with spreadsheet

I have assembled some Python code which generated a deep analytical set of report for the all crypto coins you can trade on Kraken exchange in USA dollars. It goes deep with: head and shoulder, harmonics and candle patterns notifications moving average cross signals deep daily charts of 30 to 180 days Fibonacci levels and […]

Math skills vs stage of life: Excel spreadsheet to python

Is this true? I think so if you ain’t programming. I have never seen anything as popular as thing. Must ring true if you end in a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel or even in python. Most traders and analysts use spreadsheets such as Excel. It makes we wonder how useful they would be if they […]

New view of automated crypto analysis spreadsheet and Word doc

This document will showcase the new views of the crypto data from Binance. This is important but convenient for those who join Analytics listed below. These are the same spreadsheets and Word documents with short/long reports. I have also included the charts from many deep technical analysis with 10+ indicators. Check out this video Quant […]

Analytics provides embedded spreadsheet for crucial cryptocurrency analysis

This enables you not needing to download attachments of Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. Ugh… what a mess that could be. Well, I searched high and low with a decent result. I can now post these demonstrated in this video Here is a video to demonstrate this POV   NOTE I now post my TRADING […]

Positions Spreadsheet of up 5% in market: Continue trading same day?

  I posted this on my private Telegram last night with spreadsheet you can download Here is an example of last nite. it is up 5.45% for all the positions. Is it worth to stop on the first one? Or continue to risk losing first return of the position of 4.27%? in this case, I […]