Forex positions last night set 5 pip daily trading rule

I have seen some interesting trading opportunities last night just after midnight. Remember I am Eastern Standard Daylight time. There was a burst of 78 positions take in a matter of 7 minutes. It just seems you need to ask yourself whenyou are over trading. I explain this in the video below. If you want […]

New Monero positions show cryptocurrency bot is still profitable

If you watch this video, I was up 0.7% return on the 8 positions I show below. Also, watch the video to see the breakdown. This is my trading history report from my account. My theoritical profit was also pretty close to actual.  You will find the positions below.   total PNL:0.004077999999999964 win/loss ratio:85.71428571428571 […]

Web scraping, Binance competitors and position manager tips

These topics came up on the private chat server for all my customers. I can demo potential web scraping with potential great crypto signalling services. Not only that, we can talk about the opinion of other crypto exchanges competing against Binance. Let’s do a webinar for all those interested Note that this will not be […]

notional value of each position in the cryptocurrency and forex track record

Here is a conversation about the notional value of each position in the cryptocurrency and forex  track record so far. I’m new to and just getting familiar with your site. I have to say, you’re extremely generous when it comes to sharing your knowledge and experience. Much appreciated! I have a quick question on […]