Hottest cryptocurrency coins to trade over last month with latest positions

Here are the latest positions which show the frequency of trading opportunity. Also, let’s see how the past returns have been for each over the last few weeks Free trading books or learn algo trading latest positions can be downloaded here NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK […]

Forex positions last night set 5 pip daily trading rule

I have seen some interesting trading opportunities last night just after midnight. Remember I am Eastern Standard Daylight time. There was a burst of 78 positions take in a matter of 7 minutes. It just seems you need to ask yourself whenyou are over trading. I explain this in the video below. If you want […]

New Monero positions show cryptocurrency bot is still profitable

If you watch this video, I was up 0.7% return on the 8 positions I show below. Also, watch the video to see the breakdown. This is my trading history report from my account. My theoritical profit was also pretty close to actual.  You will find the positions below.   total PNL:0.004077999999999964 win/loss ratio:85.71428571428571 […]