Trading Relationship of stock market vs Bitcoin halving and crypto exchanges

From a highly experience stock trader in the USA with his own useful Excel spreadsheet tool. Here is some discussion of these topics shared. Global Stock Trading seems to be changing with this virus thing. Free trading books or learn algo trading NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK […]

Bitcoin Third Halving Explained Sort of by Kraken

2 sources to get your answers from. Also watch the Facebook programming group to learn more about this Bitcoin third halving as we get closer to it. Free trading books or learn algo trading Facebook programming group This was sent from Kraken Bitcoin’s third halving is just a week away, but what […]

Lucrative Renaissance HFT fund dabbles with bitcoin future transactions

This makes crypto pretty close to mainstream with other topics of how high frequency trading shops treat it. One other is not taking crypto quite seri souly …. yet. This is with bitcoin future transactions. Free trading books or learn algo trading This is from Financial Times so ignore the note along with […]

Is this leading indicator pattern with Bitcoin

Does anyone see this metric as a potential leading indicator for price direction. In this chart, the normalized Bitcoin price is red with the mystery parameter metric in blue. This mystery parameter is normalized as well. Time frame is also 5 minute data. Does anyone see a predictable leading indicator pattern here with this mystery […]

Bitcoin flips bull with block parser and difficulty analysis

Mining difficulty can be seen this as in this image found here You can also use MACD an RSI which results prediction for bearish or bullish condition. Free trading books or learn algo trading I found this block parser Github project whch is in Rust This difficulty can be tied […]

Market volatility, illiquidity profitable trading with Bitcoin

Here is an interesting Bitcoin mean reverting trading strategy based on volatility and illiquidity. This includes skewness and exponential weighted moving average. I can confirm this function works in Pandas of Python. Here is the links View at Other crypto currency articles from this author View at Python code repo is […]

Bitcoin blockchain: Is price inversely correalted to mempool size?

Bitcoins on the Move — Is BTC Price Inversely Correlated to Mempool Size? Another forward looking indicator on the blockchain which can affect Bitcoin price? Free trading books or learn algo trading NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don’t worry as I don’t post […]