Live minimum order transactions with in Bitcoin with trading total

3 test transactions as hinted with Binance including trading total. These are minimum quantity with total from BTC to USD. This also includes the BNB commission fee. I use WalletInvestor to convert into US dollars. These 3 transactions are from my Order History tab 2019-10-30 16:20:18 XLM/BTC Market Buy 0.00000690 Market 144 144.00000000 0.00099360 – […]

Python source code of Algo trading Bitcoin crypto bot posted until Tues

This is up until Tues Oct 15 where all this source code, post and videos will get removed. If you want to get this right away, join here Get immediate access HOW DO YOU START A PROFITABLE TRADING BUSINESS? Read more NOW >>>NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK […]

Bitcoin chaos continues as Facebook reveals Libra woes

I talk about the Bitcoin impact of Facebook Libra and what the government is planning to do. BTC has hit a range bound with Libra announcement. Then I talk about the Bakken future market impact as well from last week. All is quiet for BTC right now. HOW DO YOU START A PROFITABLE TRADING […]