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As the Bank of Japan raises rates, now is the perfect time to capitalize on this trend and potentially make some significant profits.
(Last Updated On: March 26, 2024)

Welcome to the latest episode of our podcast where host Brian from quantlabs.net speaks on the fascinating world of High Frequency Trading (HFT). A shout rests on his lips for his audience as he appreciates their unwavering support that’s taken his podcast to new heights on both YouTube and various podcast networks. Brian retreats into the two areas his listeners crave – High Frequency Trading and Trading Systems.

Dive into the insights shared by Naveen Kumar Suppala, a Software Development Leader and Principal Global Quant, Research and Dev professional based out of India. Suppala brings to the table a series of articles filled with the golden nuggets of wisdom on key subjects such as the memory layout, HFT C++ core techniques, low latency programming, market order vs limit order backtesting, kernel bypassing in HFT, and more. A goldmine of valuable information awaits as we traverse through these various areas.

The journey doesn’t stop here. Brace yourselves as we navigate through a Github repository filled with the intricate concepts of the Operating System (OS). Find out how some HFT shops customize the Linux kernel and build systems on top of these tailored operating systems. The repository covers diverse areas such as hardware basics, the layers involved in an OS, task scheduling, multitasking issues, synchronization objects, and much more aimed at enhancing your understanding of the OS nuances.

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