Here are some further thoughts of comparison of Redis vs Erlang NOSQL databases: Couchbase Mnesia Riak

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2014)

Here are some further thoughts of comparison of Redis vs Erlang NOSQL databases: Couchbase Mnesia Riak

These are even more confusing but helps for resolution here:

Couchbase vs Redis

Couchbase master to master replication unique and also has no locking concepts!


SImple for Redis:

For example, if you were working on a high performance algorithmic trading and you were pulling ticker prices out of a firehose and needing to store them at an insane rate so they could be processed, Redis is exactly the kind of datastore you would want to turn to for that — definitely not Mongo, CouchDB or MySQL.


This is also outdated


Booto Couchbase:

Memcached vs. Couchbase:
We compared the performance of a standard Memcached (1.4.x) server with a Couchbase server (not version 2) and saw ~40% performance degradation with Couchbase.¬† This is mainly because Couchbase doesn’t not serve all the items from in-memory.

Yeh to Redisl

But Memcached can also run over a multi-threaded architecture, so unless you shard your Redis dataset, Memcached should have performance advantages here.
That said, Redis supports pipelining, which is ~x5 faster than without pipelining, and Memcached doesn’t support pipelining capability.

Memory is cheap for this via a local server:

The one downside of Redis is the memory overhead. You need 2X RAM to store X data. Memcached is a little more efficient & transparent with memory organization – you can examine the slabs, etc.


This article could resell you on Couchbase:


It sounds like a NO to Mnesia:

  • Erlang only interface
  • Tables limited to 2GB
  • Deadlock prevention scales poorly
  • Network partitions are not automatically handled, must recombine tables automatically


Confused? Maybe I should start with Couchbase for the Erlang since it SHOULD be easier to integrate. I also like the lockless capability and they do cover all the major language bindings I want.

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How to install Redis into Erlang


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