Anyone know R, RStudio, RBG package, or RBloomberg package to help out

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2012)


Anyone know R, RStudio, RBG package, or RBloomberg package to help out

Get in touch me if you can help this guys out.

I live in NYC area. I recently got interested in trying out R for some of quant-financial projects.  I have used Matlab before.   I don’t think I can make it to the physical meetup, but I definitely to join the virtual one.


One of the things for newbies in R like me is where to get user-specific help.  In my case, I am stumped by not being able to get RBbg working in RStudio, despite having installed the latest R and RBbg package on my Windows 7 machine.   I tried posting on, but unsurprisingly it is not of interest to other people since it seems to be a specific problem for my setup.  I am happy to pay some money for someone to debug this for me.   I contacted Revolution Analytics, but the firm focused on big consulting type of projects.    I wonder  if you know of resources that may address my needs.  Perhaps this will be a possible topic for the webinar.



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