High Frequency Trading: Why? How?


Why HFT Is So Important and
Why You Must Know It


Typically, the traders with the fastest execution speeds will be more profitable than traders with slower execution speeds.

High-frequency trading (HFT) is a form of algorithmic trading that takes this approach to the extreme. It uses ultra-fast computer programs to transact millions of orders in milliseconds. Computers scan numerous markets and data in search of opportunities for traders to profit from tiny asset price changes.

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I’ve prepared 70+ algorithms in pseudo-code to get you started, and provided numerous video tutorials to help refine your strategies. Plus open source code to further cut down on the “grunt work” of getting things functional.

Note: HFT is only one of many, many effective quant strategies. An Elite membership exposes you to a gamut of profitable possibilities. This includes the ongoing pseudo-code project I’m developing which covers 30+ HFT algorithms available nowhere else on the web.



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