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Build SOLID Foundation for PROFITABLE INDIE Trading

We have spent years looking for the best technologies for a powerful trading infrastructure that rival any hedge fund or investment banking operation. Over 200+ algos with source codes are among our many courses to help you become a lucrative indie trading operation you own and control. Source code and video tutorial walkthroughs are included every step of the way.

Save Time with Software Sample and Analysis

  • Trading Research Source Code

    Our  source code example will help you seek hot stock market sectors with end to end automated trading

  • Database Analysis

    Full analysis on  open source NOSQL databases for optimal efficiency in handling your data

  • Excel Stock Screeners

    This helps assist in your data analysis with classic technical analysis indicators

Lending a Helping Handing in Optimal Trading Strategies

  • Complete Math Analysis

    Dozens of important links provided to onboard your quant analysis skills. .

  • Universal Asset Trading Classes

    We consider all assets classes you have interest in trading. This ranges from forex, futures, options, stock, ETF, and so on. No restrictions as compared to other learning resources.

  • High Frequency Trading Considerations

    We are the only online resource where you will learn the most lucrative type of trading on the planet. This is also known as the “Holy Grail of Trading” according to

Community Community Community

We do weekly Meetups online to help guide to your final destination of indie trading. These also include past guest speakers ranging from Dr Ernie Chan, multi million infrastructure HFT implementers to TSL machine learning expert Mike Barna,

So Many Benefits In Joining

Get Source Code Galore

To help build SOLID foundation, we have compiled various trading course for complete walk-through videos of prototyping in Python to implementing popular open source trading platform and libraries. There are many hours invested into this section to help any newbie understand how the trading insider pros do it.

Algorithms, Models, and Trading Strategies

There is nothing more frustrating than applying real world strategies to help you jumpstart your indie trading operation! We have compiled over 200 from popular software tooling environments including Java, Python, and C/C++

Choose any Trading Asset Class and Broker

Because you learn to own your own source code, this enables you to choose any asset class you want to trade. Not only that, you also reap the benefit of using any broker you choose even multiple broker environment for optimal order routing. Pretty cool Huh?

FREE Yourself with No restrictive API or Cloud Solutions

Don't you hate it when you invest many months into a trading platform to realise you hit some technical wall? It happens to everyone. Do realize our solutions are designed to help you eliminate ALL restrictions of any API or other technical limitations.

Control and Own Your Own PRIVATE Cloud Solutions

Also, our philosophy enables you control your own technology. This results in eliminating a third party who could steal your hard earned trading Intelectual Property you invest in. Seriously? Are these providers to be trusted? No! That is why PRIVATE cloud is more popular than PUBLIC cloud solutions

In Summary:

Control and Own Your own Infrastructure with NO Restriction Nor Worry of Any Third Party Ripping Off Your Code or Trading IP. 

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