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Announcing Your Algo Trading Works Version 2

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1. Python is really COOL

The programming is amazing.

Out of 30 years I have been programming, this language is taught to 10 year olds. Wait, you can do that right?

2. Have You Seen the World of Crypto Currency?

I think you know where this is headed ...

The second part is also amazing.

No leverage with up 12% swings in an hour, tiny commission fees at 0.1%, and no risky leverage needed!

3. Live Engagement For Six Weeks

Does any of your Guru do that regularly? Probably not. Can you consult with them one on one? You can with me!

4. Access to our Exclusive Telegram chat group

Over 20 members rights now and growing! This includes a broad group ranging from advanced programmers to experienced automated/discretionary traders. This an invite only group for people who want to join!

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