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"I am indebted to Bryan Downing for introducing me to some of the trading technologies mentioned in Chapter 1"

Algorithmic Trading: Winning Strategies and Their Rationale Book

Dr Ernie Chan
Dr Ernie Chan QTS Capital Management

  I've been working on my own automated trading system for nearly three years. I stumbled upon this group by accident and have attended two sessions. I am blown away by the wealth of new concepts and ideas I've been exposed to here. 

Lee Gray
Lee Gray

About Company

Over 6+ custom algo/automated/systematic has been invested to maximize market return and find trading opportunity in real time.

Our new Quant Analytics enable you to:

  • 3 trading strategies including major asset classes including FX and equity
  • Analyze hottest global msrket sectors on forward looking basis
  • Portfolio optimization for enhance position return

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