I have been using a trading platform called MotiveWave with fantastic results. Many folks asked for a high level intro to this powerful platform, I have created a 3 hour DVD which will help guide you to MAXIMIZE and OPTIMIZE your TRADING Potential

IMPORTANT: Ensure to order the correctly formatted DVD for your regional DVD player

Please note returns are not accepted due shipping> DVD value, so again ensure you get the correct compatible disc for your DVD player. Ensure we can ship to your country by visiting here.

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DVD CAN be Shipped (NTSC format) for USA, Canada, and Japan

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DVD CAN be Shipped (PAL format) for outside North America and Japan

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For Web version only

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2 hour videos for both discretionary/day traders and source code walk through. Java example Code provided.


30 minute Python source code walkthrough of baby primitive bot for crypto and eventual FX trading. Python Scripts included.

For Web version only

Click above to Purchasse for only $10

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