Cut Your Quant Dev Time By 3+ Years


Cut 3+ Years From Your
Quant Development Time
Right Now!


The quant world is overflowing with complex information.

I should know, because I’ve spent the last 4 years sifting through mountains of quant data, systems, models, software and algorithms.

Would you like to save yourself 3 (or more) years of barking up the wrong tree?

Zero in on 30+ trading systems, 70+ HFT algos (including video tutorials), 23 open source code projects, and 90+ training videos on the best quant software available … right now!

Plus there’s weekly quant meetups on Skype where you can share ideas and get immediate answers to some of your toughest quant questions.

In just 3 minutes you could be learning some of the most helpful quant knowledge around …


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The members-only site grows bigger and more useful every week. Those 70+ algos in particular are exceptionally useful. In fact, I’m rolling them out as an exclusive course you can start learning from today..

Start benefiting from some of the best Matlab, HFT, Quantlib, C#, C++, and VB.NET coding and testing materials right now.



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