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Cut Your Quant Dev Time By 3+ Years


Cut 3+ Years From Your
Quant Development Time
Right Now!


The quant world is overflowing with complex information.

I should know, because I’ve spent the last 4 years sifting through mountains of quant data, systems, models, software and algorithms.

Would you like to save yourself 3 (or more) years of barking up the wrong tree?

Zero in on 30+ trading systems, 70+ HFT algos (including video tutorials), 23 open source code projects, and 90+ training videos on the best quant software available … right now!

Plus there’s weekly quant meetups on Skype where you can share ideas and get immediate answers to some of your toughest quant questions.

In just 3 minutes you could be learning some of the most helpful quant knowledge around …


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The members-only site grows bigger and more useful every week. Those 70+ algos in particular are exceptionally useful. In fact, I’m rolling them out as an exclusive course you can start learning from today..

Start benefiting from some of the best Matlab, HFT, Quantlib, C#, C++, and VB.NET coding and testing materials right now.



Quant System: Unlock Your Own!


Unlock Your Own Money-Making
Quant System


If you aren’t making enough trading profits right now, I might have just what you’re looking for. Because unless you’re reviewing the performance of more than 30 trading models on a daily basis… you’re not seeing enough systems in action.

Do you think it’s reasonable that even one model might give you that extra flash of insight or inspiration – that eureka! moment – that shows what you were missing?


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That model might be your personal Holy Grail.

Remember: An Elite membership offers a lot more than “just” trading models. Open source code projects, pseudo-code algos, database managers, data, tips & tricks videos for best Matlab, HFT, Quantlib, C#, C++, and VB.NET… it’s all here!



Build Top Quant Dev & Analysis Skills


How To Build Top Skills in
Matlab, HFT, Quantlib,
MySQL, and More


You’re well aware that software development and debugging is a major part of being a good quant.

It’s also one of the most time-consuming – and frustrating! – parts of being a quant too. Have you ever spent hours trying to find a solution for a particular coding, API, porting or other problem?

Me too.

Which is why I’ve documented the best sanity-saving tips I’ve discovered in the quant software world. I have more than 90 videos ready and waiting for you. I’ve listed quite a few of them at the following link:


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I add new videos regularly, so there will always be more than what’s shown.

And if you have a special request, I’ll do my best to answer that problem that’s bugging you.



Master Matlab With Secret Shortcuts


Want To Master Matlab With
Little-Known Shortcuts?
Here’s How …


Matlab is probably the most important software for quants.

Using a high-level programming language, you can do numeric computation, advanced 2-D and 3-D graphics, custom graphical user interfaces, and pretty much any quant-related task for iterative exploration, design, and problem solving.

That’s a lot of functionality, and many users get lost in the Matlab forest. But there aren’t many Matlab issues I haven’t seen before, so there’s a great chance I’ve encountered your problem and have a fix for it.


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Would you like to know how and why I use Matlab to quickly learn models and algos? I have 3 years of intense Matlab experience and I’ve built dozens of trading systems and algorithms with it.

Note: An Elite membership offers a lot more than “just” time-saving Matlab video tutorials. It also includes 30+ daily trading models, open source code projects, database managers, and trade data … it’s all here!



High Frequency Trading: Why? How?


Why HFT Is So Important and
Why You Must Know It


Typically, the traders with the fastest execution speeds will be more profitable than traders with slower execution speeds.

High-frequency trading (HFT) is a form of algorithmic trading that takes this approach to the extreme. It uses ultra-fast computer programs to transact millions of orders in milliseconds. Computers scan numerous markets and data in search of opportunities for traders to profit from tiny asset price changes.

Want to find out how to do this for yourself?


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I’ve prepared 70+ algorithms in pseudo-code to get you started, and provided numerous video tutorials to help refine your strategies. Plus open source code to further cut down on the “grunt work” of getting things functional.

Note: HFT is only one of many, many effective quant strategies. An Elite membership exposes you to a gamut of profitable possibilities. This includes the ongoing pseudo-code project I’m developing which covers 30+ HFT algorithms available nowhere else on the web.



Weekly Quant Brain Boost


Springboard Your Brainpower With A
Weekly Live Support Network


Have you ever wished you had just a few more brain cells on tap to help you solve the most difficult quant problems? I can’t offer you a brain transplant.

But I can do the next best thing for expanded quant brain power. Two things, actually!

    • Quick, Informed Answers: Myself (or a member of my team) is usually around to answer any quant question you might have through our social media accounts


  • Hosted Club Discussions: I also host weekly “meetups” with other members over Skype. Each one covers a topic of great interest to quants, plus I’m happy to answer questions and table ideas for group analysis. Each meetup will be an intensive webinar covering the topics you want.


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Remember, unless you’re living in a large city with a big financial district, it’s unlikely that you know many fellow quants. That means you’re limited to textbooks or random Internet information to boost your research and development efforts. gives you something much better: a private ‘quants only’ club designed especially with your interests in mind. We’ll give you plenty of feedback on your ideas, and that extra bit of encouragement and trouble-shooting might be the very last piece of your personal “profitability puzzle”.