Build Top Quant Dev & Analysis Skills


How To Build Top Skills in
Matlab, HFT, Quantlib,
MySQL, and More


You’re well aware that software development and debugging is a major part of being a good quant.

It’s also one of the most time-consuming – and frustrating! – parts of being a quant too. Have you ever spent hours trying to find a solution for a particular coding, API, porting or other problem?

Me too.

Which is why I’ve documented the best sanity-saving tips I’ve discovered in the quant software world. I have more than 90 videos ready and waiting for you. I’ve listed quite a few of them at the following link:


learn more by clicking here


I add new videos regularly, so there will always be more than what’s shown.

And if you have a special request, I’ll do my best to answer that problem that’s bugging you.



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