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Portfolio Managers for Hedge Funds with live track record – Can work remotely

Portfolio Managers  for Hedge Funds with live track record – Can work remotely

Portfolio Manager with Live Track Record – Can work remotely

Contact Gail at gail.rochlitz@constitutionllp.com

Top hedge fund is seeking portfolio managers with discretionary and systematic strategies. PMs will manage their own team and platform while contributing PnL to the fund.

PM’s must have 6-12 months of proven track record depending on asset turn over with strategies contributing consistent monthly returns will low volatility. PM’s are expected to have managed large AUM’s in some cases. Fund can provide ample capital and a proven trading platform. Cut of PnL and strong base will be provided.

Quant Trading – Not UHFT, but intraday, capital intensive, high PnL
Fundamental L/S – media, basic materials, technology, REITs
Stat Arb – High to Mid Frequency
Global Macro – systematic or discretionary
Macro – discretionary
Futures – systematic
High Frequency FX – >48 hour holding.

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The world is rapidly changing. We are seeing growing intersections in the concepts and skill sets between the fields of Information Technology, Finance, Biotechnology and Clean Energy. Simultaneously, the institutions and…

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Do your company require FUND Administration / Portfolio Administration Software?

We have very good product FYNISYS – Fund Module & Portfolio Module is a fully integrated accounting and management information system that provides all of the back office support services required by financial institutions, Fund Managers ,Mutual fund administrators, wealth management professionals .

Click here to view online demo videos www.youtube.com/ciobera
Click here to download FYNISYS brochure www.ciobera.com

FYNISYS -Fund Module highlights:

. Web Enabled solution
. Manage all type of Fund Administration
. Can handle all type of currency’s and markets
. Handles Shariah & Liquidity funds
. Subscription & Redemptions of funds
. Share Register Module
. Can handle DPM & Non DPM Portfolios
. Investment Allocation & Compliance reports
. Blocking & Unblocking of shares
. Bond transaction & tracks dividends Income Schedule
. Corporate Actions
. Auto fee calculations (Management , Custody , Performance etc)
. Fixed Deposits & Auto journal entry’s
. Broker , Custody , Bank reconciliation
. Send all confirmation to client by email
. Generate daily, weekly, monthly NAV
. Reports can be generated in base & original currencies
. Send Weekly and monthly statements by email
. 100% Customizable can be done
. 2 Eye Security Input & verify all the screens
. Complete user log
. Database Oracle 10g and application server 10g

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Would your firm consider Portfolio Managers actively trading in Fixed Income securities including Treasuries in African Emerging Markets. Returns are excellent and would contribute to PnL of fund.
Please let me know your initial requirements.


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