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Don’t end up like this day trader who lost hist wife’s money

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Don’t end up like this  day trader who lost it all. Use automated or systematic trading to remove that sickening emotion


This is obviously on the downside as compared to yesterdays benefits with those Russian ladies if you are successful. Anyhow, you may want to consider joining the QuantLabs.net ELITE Membership which will give you FREE full access (an $800 value) to our upcoming QuantLabs.net School with topics of:

Open Source Trading Platform Development
R Course with Arbitrage and Volatility
R Course with Mean Reversion and Pair Trading
R Course with Technical Analysis
R Course with Quant
R Course with Quant including GARCH
Quant Algorithm Course including Pair Trading, Arbitrage, Autoregressive,
Quant Algorithm Course with Backtesting and Measurement
Matlab Econometrics Toolbox
Matlab Financial Toolbox
Matlab Toolboxes: Signal Processing, Stats, Math
Matlab Toolboxes: System Identification, Wavelet, Optimize, Curve Fitting
Matlab Strategy Development Demos and Researching WIth Simulink


There are so many benefits listed here:

Remember: My new Indie trading algo course in Python starts Tues Mar 15!

Choose wise so you don’t end up like that guy in the video above.
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