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Which programming language for automated trading machine learning and crypto currency

As a reminder of that I have a video version of this which can be found here.

Another exciting article for you. Looking for the best programming languages, start here, an article of makeuseof.com. Okay, so the first section’s called Web Development. I would not recommend doing front end stuff unless you’re serving it up to the Internet. Obviously you are going have Java Script listed here. Python is a good one for web development. Mobile development, again, if you’re trying to develop for the Internet in a big crowd, from my perspective, I do like Apple technologies, but I haven’t played with the new Apple ML Core, for their machine learning stuff, but I see that there’s a lot of great advancement using Google Android. Google TensorFlow, and with Siraj Raval on his YouTube channel, you can find some deployment of quick and dirty TensorFlow models done in Python, which then can be deployed onto Android devices. So if you want to go down that path, that might be something to consider for Android. It’s a lot more work if you’re going to target iOS from Apple. So from my perspective, I would rather do the Android development. And not only that, but Android … I think the global market share of Android on mobile is like 80%, or in that neighborhood.

Now for desktop development we’ve got Java, JavaScript, C#, and Swift. Now, I do only use Java for just the sheer purpose of Dukascopy. This broker’s API for JForex is Java only. My technical stack, I prefer, to be honest, is really C++ and Python. So again, I was gonna mention about Python as the front end development for web. I’ve looked at a variety of framework for GUI development, graphical use or interface stuff, and to be honest, if you’re not looking for anything fancy, you could use Tkinter. That’s a standard package as part of the stock Python out there. It’s fairly easy to set up as well. There’s also a GUI rapid development tool called PAGE. You can easily find it on my blog or on Google which is interesting tool as well.

Mobile development, we’ve talked about. We also don’t care about game development. From last night’s social dinner, and I had a discussion about what developers prefer. R’s still out there, I just find it’s very difficult to extend outside but maybe with RCPP. Python is now used primarily, as you can see here, regularly used in data science. I think that’s a standard. Also, the same thing can be said with machine learning as well as cryptocurrency stuff.

So, that’s why I like Python. It’s a very diverse language. With R, you just don’t the same breadth of application use. And then, of course, I always will still love MATLAB, but I just don’t want to pay out heft licensing fees to have the privilege of using the software when you have an open source language like Python.

So, that’s about it. Always remember, to use C++ for the backend for fast stuff.

After yesterday’s announcement on one on one help I am offering in limited way, I will be beefing it up with some better structure to ensure I can help the right people are at the correct development path for their algo trading journey.

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