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Crypto vs Forex vs CFD Live stream webinar Oct 29 so chart China

In this live Youtube stream, I explain where  I would put my capital in these down markets. This would include US Bond or Sugar (like last week). Also, Germany Bund is down due to the recent  news of Angela Merkle not running in 2021. There is little trace of US Treasury but if you wanted to short ,there were 4 opportunities which include China 50 , Japan Nikkei, Australia, and Hong Kong indices. China was down 7% which is not bad. It is shows has the best asset class. Forex looks good but still unpredictable. The ones mentioned were more predictable as they were top performers last week including Thursday and Friday. Pretty cool but I will still keep an eye on these Oanda asset classes of forex and CFDs. It seems crypto is kind of dead with only WANETH on the watchlist.

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