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Most trusted crypto currency exchange for Bitcoin is

Most trusted crypto currency exchanges for Bitcoin are…

Over the weekend my private Telegram messenger chat Group got me highly interested in crypto currency. I learned a lot from the discussion from some of the more experts within the group. Thanks to all of them. As a result I compiled a complete list of crypto currency networks, exchanges, safe titbits that may be helpful for those that want to learn about this new way of automated trading.

Check out this list here

I will be making more videos here on this exact topic so keep your eyes open for any emails on it.


I got some confusing responses for my last day of my Python Infrastructure Algo/utomated trading course. This provides all the primitive but necessary components you would need to build an entire automated/algo trading systems from scratch using Python. It seems people got confused on what link to use or find out any details on this. So here we go:


Click here for all the details of this exact course with video presentation


–> You can also click here if you want immediate access


Lastly, I will be making this available today at HALF PRICE  for all of those interested in this course. This will be the LAST DAY as strongly hinted.This is the exact primitive automated trading system I will be using for my upcoming strategies. This system can be used for both forex and crypto currency trading.


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Most trusted crypto currency exchanges for Bitcoin are  


Most trusted crypto currency exchanges for Bitcoin are

Anyone ever use any of these exchanges listed here:


India? Really?



Top 2 seem to be: Kraken Bitstamp and Coinbase


Any other thoughts? Let me know


Here are API projects



Kraken.com exchange API, Python 3 package.

This package is intentionally as lean as possible, and only provides a minimal interface to the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange.

Intended for developers, not traders.










Kraken vs Coinbase 

kraken vs coinbase vs gemini from BitcoinMarkets


More contenders from the Reddit link above:

Gemini and Bittrex

Gemini API:



Bittrex: https://bittrex.com/home/api




Tips from my Telegram chat group:

If you just want to buy BTC with USD, I’d still say GDAX (which is part of Coinbase) is the best. Coinbase is a $1.6 billion company, and trading using limit orders is absolutely free on GDAX. USD deposits are protected under some US scheme, but I’m not sure if that applies to Canadians too. Bitfinex has the highest BTCUSD volume (I think), but I’ve heard of some dodgy stories coming out of Bitfinex. Whatever exchange you use, do not keep cryptocurrency on there for any extended period of time; transfer to a desktop/paper wallet, or even better, a hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano S or Trezor. If you’re using a decentralised exchange (such as EtherDelta) then of course you’re deposits are safe since it is all handled with Ethereum smart contracts.

Bittrex don’t have BTCUSD, only BTCUSDT (which is Tether, a cryptocurrency supposedly pegged to USD). I’ve never used Gemini, but I’d still prefer Coinbase I think, purely because it’s backed by some rather important people.

Most of the APIs are RESTful/HTTP, and as such, are language-agnostic.

it seems go and python wrappers are most popular.

Apparently with Bittrex, you can do market making with C++. It seems you could try a project like



As for wallet, If John McAfee says Trezor wallet is good, it must be https://trezor.io

How do you transfer your Bitcoins from Coinbase to your Trezor for cold storage? from TREZOR



More comments via email:

Coinbase only trades several coins. So exchange your fiat currencies for
Bitcoin on Gemini or Coinbase, then transfer the Bitcoin to an exhange like
Bittrex. Poloniex was the best, but they have no customer service and have
had many people leave for Bittrex. Bittrex and Poloniex trade dozens of



More Facebook comments:

technicals on the bitcoin chart are text book but I tend to think the selling is not over. now is the perfect time to attempt a sell again HOWEVER, who really knows, could sore to old high and then new high too! ;p


Gemini.com is much faster to get funds in and out between BITCOIN and cash. Coinbase has security issues and holds your BITCOIN for a week after you purchase it. They do give you the current exchange rate at time of purchase. They also have a high commission.

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Can Dukascopy be a trusted forex broker ?

Can Dukascopy be a trusted forex broker ?

I just got this about Dukascopy from a highly trusted trading companion:

They are sh*t broker

Russian mob

No thanks

It got me digging so this is what I found:


I have been with Dukascopy for years. Opening an account with them is easy, but getting money back out of them is proving impossible. I would seriously reconsider using them if you are not in their ‘trade zone’, as they clearly are incapable of refunding moneys to other countries.

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Read more: http://forums.babypips.com/newbie-island/55091-citifx-pro-vs-dukascopy-3.html?s=263e809b101af3c14c6d0229c18b60d0#ixzz4XvOvw4wB


Be aware of these comments:

I’ve noted that you haven’t appreciated the difference between Dukascopy Bank SA and Dukascopy Europe. Dukascopy Europe is not a bank, it is a subsidiary of Dukascopy Bank and is headquartered in Riga, Latvia, and not in Switzerland. Therefore clients of Dukascopy Europe are not protected by the more stringent banking laws of Switzerland.

Were you a client of Dukascopy Bank SA or Dukascopy Europe?

The latter accepts deposits of as little as $100 USD but not exceeding $8500 USD; but Dukascopy Bank SA does not accept deposits less than $5000 USD and the sky is the limit. I think this distinction between these two companies carries important implications for the way in which they both operate in respect of handling their clients orders. In other words, Dukascopy Europe may have no ECN credentials whatsoever!!!


When starting from nothing, I think this is the best conclusion not to worry about the questionable parts of these forex brokers:

Really, who cares? There is ALWAYS going to be someone on the other side selling or buying the currency you’re trading.

You need to be watching a broker for slowing your executions, blocking or freezing your platform and manipulating price to take out your stops.

I have been through seven (7) brokerages thus far and do currently trade live via Dukas. I have for over three years now and never experienced any of the above.

Some say… But they charge a commission. Once again, who cares! I trade daily and it’s just a part of doing business (a business expense) but I also receive a nice 45% refund every month on said trading commission.

Additionally, the .5 pip step is because not all their liquidity providers are able to provide them a decimal price.

Trade to trade well,

OMG you’re my hero. Seriously… true. Don’t sweat too much the small things. As long as you’re not ripped of and profitable, then it’s good enough.

Read more:

Once again my conclusion is:

Off load your trading logic outside of the broker software

Track your own stop loss virtually to prevent broker SL hunting. Again this has to be outside of the broker software including MT4 https://www.jarrattdavis.com/forex-brokers-hunt-stop-losses/

Plus follow above where you don’t care about the others. You just need to focus on your trading logic/strategy for constant profit. When you start out, just focus on trading 1 unit to minimize account loss. Don’t start out crazily so keep it to the bare minimum?

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trading desk

Multicharts review of easiest and quickest way to get up and trading! Most trusted as well!!

Multicharts review of easiest and quickest way to get up and trading! Most trusted as well!!

$397 very functional rich. Supports C# and Microsoft .NET. Powerful charting capabilities but all technical analysis. Market scanning capabilities is powerful. Can build a trading strategy from this. Has genetic optimization and walk forward testing capabilities. Full Interactive Brokers support. Amazing GUI support! This is an amazing piece for all aspects of trading to get started. You of course can advance into Matlab and C++ as your strategies prove themselves. ALso, this is the best software I have seen to get you up and running so quickly. This is also multi threaded.

Find out if I use this software as part of my trading solution

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We are trusted by Norton and McAfee Site Advisor not scum bag distrustful sites like WOT aka Web of Trust or ScamAdvisors.com

We are trusted by Norton and McAfee Site Advisor not scum bag distrustful sites like WOT aka Web of Trust or ScamAdvisors.com


So i heard about these sites called:


http://myweboftrust.com/ (WOT)

According to these so-called reliable sites, we are scammers. News to me. They also falsely accused thousands other hard working indie owned site scammers as well. It appears they don’t to reveal their trust but any person can post anonymously on their negative stuff including competitors. So….I dug a lot to see how the scum bags work:


It appears that WOT got booted out of Facebook for doing unscrupulous marketing tactics:


-buys facebooks fans for their site
-dropped by facebook

Read more: WOT (Web of Trust) for Firefox – CNET Download.com http://download.cnet.com/WOT-Web-of-Trust-for-Firefox/3000-11745_4-10588554.html#ixzz2A8TlXjFy

They have also been accused of being a scam of malware. If you get flagged as being a scam, you can pay them over $500 to get a positive review and all negative comments removed from their forum. This sounds like extortion to me.

See above link.

It appears Mozilla Firefox reviews are not that good either as the level of distrust screams in their review section:


I would rank scamadvisor.com in the same as well. They are accused of just collecting Google AdSense dollars through visitor clicks.

Do you really want to trust these distrustful sites at all?

This site at Quantlabs.net ranks just fine at Norton and McAfee’s Site Advisor which are professional security companies  which enterprises use.



More info on how these services work:


No malware, no scamming, etc. Paypal does not tolerate it either.

I think it sums it up best from the above comment:

QI just have a problem with WOT. Trusting anonymous internet posters to rate a site seems like a very naive thing to do.

I certainly prefer a premier security company’s testing.

I had WOT and when i realized that i could rate any site in any way i wanted with no proof supplied i was shocked!  But, if one believes everything they read on the net from any source, well good luck to you.


You really going to trust scum bag sites like WOT and ScamAdvisors? I would just follow the comment right above.

As for us scamming you, why would we even type this up if we did not care about our reputation.  Now you know the truth.


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