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Which crypto exchange to trade with? How to minimize subscriptions? strategies to work with bitcoin?

Valid question I sent a bunch of people about mentoring for crypto currency algo trading:

Mentoring would be awesome. I work full time + so it is hard to get find time to get started.  I have done a few courses at udemy to make strategies for bitcoin and cryptos on mt4 and mt5.  My main goal is to get these strategies working on the exchanges without brokers.  The challenge is getting mt to work on the crypto exchanges. Is there possibility of coding these strategies to work on other platforms such as gecko, qt bitcoin trader, quantower or online platform like cryptotrader or quantconnect.

So obviously im at a challenge to find how to get these strategies to work without difficult coding conversion and with minimal cost. I want to avoid monthly subscriptions if possible and spreads from brokers. Not sure what platforms work with exchanges like poloniex, kraken, gdax, binance etc.

Answered via Facebook Live

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