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stats of this winning cryptocurrency trading bot

This absolutely incredible stats but it appears that the equity curve slows down as time marches on. As being no expert in this field, I cannot explain it but I am sure experienced portfolio.

Here are some detail stats:

Sharp of yearly 2.11 total return since inception 223%
Cagr 223.9%

Does look right ?
Here is the Facebook Live video which is below

Here were some video comments and responses:

Lanz Chan · 0:00 What are your spread settings, your trading server, etc parameter assumptions?

QuantLabsNet · 0:00 No spread that i know of and it is my own set up software wise. I don’t talk about parameters sorry there.

Lanz Chan · 0:00 QuantLabsNet Ok. Without realistic spreads how will your bot work

0:00 Lanz Chan as said. i don’t see spread nor measure them. it seems to be a non issue

QuantLabsNet · 0:00 also, do you refer to spread between exchanges? I use binance

QuantLabsNet · 0:00 Lanz Chan i hope this helps Spreads are tracked here and can be around 0.2%-1.5% with a lot of the variation driven by the currency pair you’re trading and when you’re trading it. Generally, pairs that are traded more frequently should see lower spread…See More


The Costs To Trading Crypto…

Follow up from yesterday’s milestone email

NEW LIVE Automated CRYPTO TRACK RECORD with win ratio of 90% roughly

Why? This is to set a new ‘industry standard’. Why allow egotistical/type A run their mouth when they don’t show their DAILY track record. Trading Win ratio is 85-90% generally. First, they cannot do this for a variety of reasons:

  1. They could be scammers or putting our crud.

  2. Even if they were good, they most likely cannot do this b/c their back end infrastructure don’t allow it Or they are just ignorant not to be able to figure it out.

  3. Or they have not strategy or trading process that actually produces the win Ratio this crypto trading bot/strategy gets

See the latest track record here


Click here for more details


Why am I doing it?

Simple. To set up new standards of an industry of either ignorant ‘trading gurus’ who may have something to hide. Also, I have enough confidence that thing bot/strategy actually works. It has been getting a 85-90% win ratio for profit EVERYDAY! I have been testing this for 2 months now very successfully! I have that much confidence to freely post this for anyone who wants to follow this.

Why crypto?

I have numerous example videos of why I prefer to trade only in crypto. Here is why


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Also remember our Python Infrastructure Building Block course price is going 5x-10x because I can get away this now. There is a market demand for this service.


Analytics service seems to work now forex and soon CFD



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How this Python course for algo trading changes your life


How Python course algo trading changes your life which is all explained in this post and video

Interested in these services before the prices go up?

Shopping Cart

Quant Analytics

Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency

The services are linked below!

Questions from someone on this stuff



1. Is it possible to create a low exchange between two forex brokerages?

I doubt it. Check on the different rates via brokers found on Tradingview. It is just too tight now. I do see some slight opportunity with crypto exchanges depending on the coin.



2. Plus I do not have 300K to start.

300K for what? I have $300 in my crypto account to start




3. I’m teaching myself C++ so I can get a automation system done.

I find C++ is far more complicated but that is why I use Python. It is much easier and faster to code stuff up. Also, my current course shows folks how to do this.




4.Do you have a schematic on designing a arbitrage system between tow forex brokers?

No nor would i be interested in doing so. My current crypto bot has a winning ratio of 90% so why would i waste my time in other efforts. Average daily returns are 8% for the last few weeks




5. The price of your membership at this is how much?

The current Python course is $250 but will go up at least 5x-10x early next week. The last live class is on Monday. My Analytics is $97/month but that will go up as well. I will be announcing new bundles at that time too. Here are the sales pages but these need to be updated next week:

Quant Analytics

Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency




6. Can we have a telephone conversation once I pay the membership.

Sure or better yet I have a new private chat server for this sort of thing



7. Most of your video goes over python but its not as fast as C++ so I was wondering why do you promote that language?


I have figured ways to eliminate computer processing with Python. It lightens the amount of time my Python scripts minimize the computer utilization.


8. I should have the membership paid by the end of the month of February.


Sounds fine. I ain’t going anywhere.

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Algo Trading is not for Retail and Private Crypto Traders

Here is yet another claim how the pros don’t want the ‘little guy’ to win. I just say screw em. Go crypto currency algo trading!

See the video below

Here is the video description:

A good discretionary trader makes up 4% a month – at least. Do banks really want to keep spending 25 million or 100 million a year on tech just to make very tiny nominal returns? What about the machines and artificial intelligence? If everything starts doing AI, then we will end up with flat markets or you will get huge swings in volatility.

The current crypto strategy bot goes against all this theory. It has been proven to be wrong. Over the last few weeks inlcuding over 1321 positions, we are getting:

Win/loss ration: 87.74%

Total return over the last few weeksL 155.59%

Yah they are wrong.


The Quant Analytics will start getting signals for the following financial assets:

1. Crypto from Binance

2. Forex from Oanda

3. CFD from Oanda

NOTE: We are now testing all signals for the Analytics service.

This ‘bot’ will send out the latest signals batch every 6 hours so your email will get about 12 hours per trading day. This will be a lot more manageable that the Minute by Minute crypto trading strategy. This price will be much more affordable but it is currently $97 per month. Join now for the lowest price before I increase it by anywhere from $25 to $100 per month.


We are also coming up to the last 2 weeks of the LIVE Python V3 Building Blocks Infrastructure COURSE. Expect the current price to double from $250 or even triple in coming weeks. Get on that before the price increases.


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Usage of latest cfd examples and forex trading signals

Example usage of CFD and forex trading signals

This is all part of my latest updated for the Analytics service which has the link below. This also include crypto currency trading signals as well.  The latest cfd example video included

Check out the latest CFD examples

Check out the latest CFD examples

Quant Analytics

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Dangers Of Algorithmic Trading?

Has political correctness finally hit the world of quant? Watch this video to let me know as this ‘dude/bro trading expert’ claims algorithmic trading and algorithms are dangerous. Watch this video here:

Here is a description of this video found on Youtube:

In this video we’re going to talk about the dangers of algorithmic trading in the stock market. Cathy O’Neil who is a former Wall Street quant made a great video recently that describes what algo’s are. And as it turns out, they’re just opinions embedded in math… This means they aren’t objective. Whatever opinions the creator has will be expressed in the algorithm itself. The issue here is that people tend to believe that algos in the market are perfect, because it’s pure objective data. But if algo’s express the opinion of the creator, there’s a lot of room for error. In fact, algo’s can heighten that error when it’s trying to optimize. Cathy makes a very distinct that the creator defines the success of the algo. And that definition is how the creator’s opinions slip in. The creator also curates the data. That has a big effect as well. These things together start having compounding effects as the algorithm gets optimized.

Tell me what you think pls

Thanks Bryan


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Algo Trading is Your Future


Here is a recent video description on how algo thigh frequency shops using microwaves for extra speed:

Algorithmic trading is most noticeable when it causes a flash crash. We sent Newsnight’s technology editor David Grossman to find out more about how financial traders are using algorithms to make millions. Newsnight is the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV programme – with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews.

Check it out with the video below

Secure your Financial Future with YOUR Algo Trading System

We will be entering in a very tumultuous financial time. In order to enter into this future, you will need a predictable system that you own that works! Just remember black box technology and bots never work!

As my LIVE Python Infrastructure Building Blocks course is becoming more value as I add the latest items I am learning. I also provide new source changes as I go. We just finished off a week of crypto currency learning for your algorithm trading needs. I keep it simple. This Monday is the newest learning I have captured over the last few months. One is a dandy. If you want to learn more about this, go here:

Do realize that this course is going to be marketed at $1200. Many other courses out there lack the depth this goes. Also, many educators are not actual traders. In fact, I will be adding our automated track record toe QuantLabs.net the website in the next few weeks. How many do that to show their credibility?

Get it while is still $250

Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency

Also, have you seen this?


This is why I will be charging premium for my services.


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CryptoCurrency Algo Trading Signals service Ready to Go

The NEW Signal service is almost ready to go. I have explained this in so many videos and posts.

Please watch those to get familar with them. The pricing will between 499-599 USD per month for access to everything. I mean everything found here.

Get your Paypal id rady over the next few days as only 3 folks will be allowed initialiy in this service. I will add 3 more in the next few days and another 4 within the week. This will total no more than 10 folks into this service for the month. I am pretty sure I will not be running this signal technology for this strategy I am mentioning.

As explained in the video, here are the stats for this strategy you will get access to. These numbers are since Friday:

82.96296296296296% winning ratio

15.086277121692607% return of change

134 positions involving 6 different crypto currency pairs


NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

Programming numerical trading methods in Python

There are so many free courses to learn about Python and numerical trading analysis. Here is one example

Programming Numerical Methods in Python

The question is: How do you apply this to your trading?

As we all know, Python is a very versatile language. I already posted in the past in how Google’s new Tensor Flow 2 will focus on this language with even GPU (graphical processing unit) processing.

Do realize that this current LIVE Python trading infrastructure course covered many of the these topics a few weeks ago. I even covered how to use this type of technical analysis for effective algo trading a few weeks ago. Who knew? Starting tonight, we get into a week’s worth of crypto learning including the amazing wrapper to connect to over 130 global crypto currency exchanges.

Just remember we are doing live sessions every Monday and Thursday until the third week of February.

As all this content comes together, I want you to jump into while you can! We are just past half way in this LIVE course but you can always catch up regardless of your trading or programming level. People seems to like the style of how it works. The price will definitely go up after the completion of this course.


Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency

Also, the recent testing of my real time signals have produced 121 positions since Friday Night. The strategy is running at a 82.2% win ratio with a total of 10.91 % return. The entire crypto asset class has been severely down so those numbers are pretty decent. I will be moving the new code into the Linux to see how it runs. I also need to add the new nightly reset code as well. Too many changes happening all at once but it seems pretty stable.

Are you interested in this signal service? If so, click here to get tagged into the early bird list.

I am readying this ‘level’ for you try out. As I said last week, very few people will get access to this new service for the highly success crypto trading strategy I explain above

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Crypto Currency Real Time Trading Signals NOW Working with a dedicated email

After a night, this signal service is now running! I will be testing over the next few days to ensure it works. So far so good. If you are interested in this service, you can join by accessing to opt into the list. Go here

7 Sure Shot Way to Consistently Profit Thanks to Automated Trading

Moving on, understand here is the attributes and items you need as explained in this video:

1. Dedicated email

2. Mobile: Dedicated email app

3. Binance account-→ trades

4. Serious 100-300 emails a days

5. Experimental → 30 days allowing 10 people

6. NOT CHEAP for 30 days!!

I will be opening the shopping cart for this service. Note I will not take more than 10 people over the next week. It will be FULLY accessible to everything with a life time access to the new private/secure/anonymous chat server I setup! I will be giving loads a away.


Here are the other services available:

Quant Analytics

Live Python course

Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency


Introduction to Quant Elite Membership

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Real time Trading signals are coming soon via your dedicated email


This will be for serious folks onlt with 100-300 emails going out DAILY. I would STRONGLY recommend to get a dedicated email to not overwhelm yourself. Also, if you need mobile, try get a dedicated email mobile app for this. ALso, I am compiling an ‘early bird list’ for those interested. Once I open this up, it will be only available for 6 or 7 folks for 30 days. You will need to be ready to go via purchase to make it all happen. More details and video demos will come to get you ready for this NEW but experimental service.

This will focus on the Minute By Minute crypto currecncy trading strategy with daily average 90% win rate!

Facebook Live video

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!