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Video playback of Year 2014 in our FIRST Trading Non Techie Babble Session

Video playback of Year 2014 in our FIRST Trading Non Techie Babble Session

Here is our first one but boy did I learn a lot from these smart cookies

Questions from: https://quantlabs.net/blog/2014/12/generic-questions-for-our-meetup-webinar-tonight-on-the-year-2014-in-our-first-trading-non-techie-babble-session/

Note that the thread is here but key behind a paywall for confidential contact reasons

Quant Finance

Toronto, ON
1,455 Members

Quant Finance group talking hedge fund, investment, quant analytics, and quant tech development. This includes MatLab, C++, C#/.NET, Java, Excel, VBA, Python, R, etc. I would …

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