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5 new statistic arbitrage videos, greate R C++ HFT links or roll my own platform?

Hi there
I posted a really good set of links for how the combo of R and C++ could be a nice stack for HFT (high frequency trading). That article was posted here.
I shall start my deeper and final investigation of a HFT platform to go with. I will report back next week on my progress. I may even roll my own with R and C++ so stay tuned.
As for model and strategy development,  yesterday was good day of private videos for my Premium Members with the following 5 videos on statistical arbitrage and event arbitrage.
For statistical arbitrage:
Modelling returns with CAPM and APT aka Arbitrage Pricing Theory
Yield Curve
Currency Graph of shortest currency path for major currency forex pairs
How you can beat a random walk
For event arbitrage:
Load and parsing hedge fund index data

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