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Stable coin BTC now outperforms ETH lately

Trading with stable coins of ETH or BTC is quite difficult due to the volatility of them. As a result, keep reading if you want more predictable profit using USD as your stable coin.

I mention about learning this Python Infrastructure trading course to switch quickly when your asset class regime switches

Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency

I made a massive discovery with this. It seems that USD/USDT/Tether is a critical point now when testing your bot. This discovery also involves using USD as a stable coin. When you read one of the subreddit posts I posted here

minimum orders: Binance to Kraken exchange

It might shock you if you were to trade using Tether on another exchange like Binance, you should worry as Kraken only offers USD the real mccoy. Will the exchange cover your crypto in Tether if it crumbles to zero. Remember the NY Attorney General investigation? Yes you should worry.


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